Black Romance Reads

Words with Friends: A Mason Family Novella by AshleyNicole

She’s offering to teach him a few things. He’s willing to learn. Can a few words and a little bit of “trouble” turn into something more?

Slipped up in Love by AshleyNicole

Love is Messy. It can be sticky. It can be all consuming. It can come out of nowhere. If you’re not careful, you might slip up and find yourself so deep in it that you can’t climb out.Cheyenne has hated Travis since he walked into her class in kindergarten. He pestered her for years until the fates stepped in and moved him away.But he’s back now… And pestering her is the last thing on his mind. His heart has known for years what hers is still trying to figure out: he slipped years ago, now it’s her turn.

Bash: Wolf Warriors MC by K.C. Mills

Bash & Cambri

“If you’re going to give your heart to someone, make sure they’re a rider.”
-Wolf Warriors MC

Juvie & Solai 4: A Hood Love Story by BriAnn Danae

The crew is back! In the last installment of this chart-topping series, Juvie and Solai were shown as a happy couple. With their lives slowly being pieced back together after the murder of Oriana, the couple quickly come to the realization that some happy endings only occur in fairytales. In awe at the disruption in their home, Juvie and Solai both struggle with coming to terms of their now rockier than ever relationship.
Joyously engaged and adapting into parenthood, Tesh and Ra have their hands full with a busy toddler. The couple, who seemed to go and grow through the most in the previous books, are still learning to grow. When all he ever wanted was a family, Ra finds himself questioning Tesh’s loyalty and if she is really ready to take his last name.
Vulnerable and hopeful to the journey Lano is taking her on, Anika is in full bliss. The stereotype she had set in stone in her head regarding men and their intentions were gone, until Lano removes his mask and shows who he really is. Regretfully, Anika has to make a choice to stay and hear him out, or run… like she always does.
Fatherhood looks sexy as ever on Harvey, and Aunyae can’t help but think that they are the only couple who has a relationship on good terms. In the cessation of this drama-filled novel of Juvie & Solai: A Hood Love Story, boundaries are crossed, loyalty is tested, and relationships are placed on trial. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough.

Juvie & Solai 3: A Hood Love Story by BriAnn Danae

Murder. That was the only word that ran through Juvie’s mind as he was placed in handcuffs. He didn’t know right away who his first target would be, but he had a good idea who he wanted to knock off first. Oriana had crossed the line with him one too many times, and he could only hope that her scheming ways wouldn’t fall through. He had better things to worry about. That better thing being Solai.
Honestly fed up at this point with Juvie’s shenanigans, Solai was ready to call whatever they had going on quits. The last thing she wanted to be doing was looking dumb for a guy who didn’t appreciate, nor respect her. While Juvie was so concerned with catching up to whoever was trying to take him down, Solai occupies her time with a more than qualified man from her past who was about to give young Juvie a run for his money and do what he couldn’t do…keep it one hundred.
The young couple you have grown to love are fighting their own battles as well. Wheelchair bound and working hard every day to improve his strength, Ra finds himself falling short. His concern for a pregnant Tesh and the news about her and Solai being sisters is a tough pill to swallow. It’s even harder when Solai finds out and cuts everyone completely off.
The main couples of this gritty love story aren’t the only ones who have a story to tell. Anika, Harvey, Aunyae, and Krew are back and fighting for what they’ve built with their significant others like never before. Will they stick it out? Or will the foundation they worked hard to build for their solid relationships have been made in vein?
In the finale of Juvie & Solai: A Hood Love Story, be prepared to, not only be invited back into these characters’ lives, but grow and learn with them as well. Not every story has a perfect ending, and sometimes the most important life lessons are the ones learned the hard way.

Juvie & Solai 2: A Hood Love Story by BriAnn Danae

“Everything isn’t always what is seems.”
Juvie had heard the coined phrase more than a few times in his twenty-four years of living; only this time he actually felt what the words meant. Everything was worse. The shooting of his brother, Ra, has pushed he and Solai’s already rocking relationship to the edge. Juvie doesn’t know who he can trust, and makes that very clear. A threat to end it all puts no fear in Solai, as she makes the decision for herself. But, what’s a girl to do when the compromising position she’s placed in, is not only detrimental to her sanity, but the man she has fallen for as well?
Brokenhearted and lonely, Tesh has no one to heal her wounds anymore. Praying that God shows her a way out of her abusive relationship, she can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she left sooner, became her own strength and listened to Ra when she had the chance. Just when she’s at the peak of her testimony, she discovers a hindering secret that makes everything she fought for a losing battle.
Friends… the word is so broad; it can no longer be used within their union. Anika, Krew, Harvey and Aunyae all enjoyed watching Juvie and Solai’s reconnection, all while building their own relationships. Though built over years, a relationship can’t withstand a shaky environment without a solid foundation. Just as quickly as it was created, is just as quick as it will tumble, leaving them to question if what they have is worth saving and starting over.
In the second installment of Juvie & Solai: A Hood Love Story, readers will embark upon a story so beautifully told, that even when the ugly truths are revealed, they will be begging for more. Life as this group of friends knew it, has been flipped upside down and they can only hope to stick a perfect landing.

Juvie & Solai: A Hood Love Story by BriAnn Danae

After returning back to her hometown, the strikingly alluring Solai Givens was prepared to put her degree to good use and embark upon her professional career. Upon leaving three years prior, her feistiness, and what others assumed to be, privileged attitude, had caused tension in a relationship she was only trying to see flourish. Being bashed for her upbringing, she thought was a thing of the past until she met Juvie. Wrongfully doing so, Solai shuts down any chances of him trying to win her over, but with time comes maturity for some, and she was now overwhelmed with the pressure to rekindle the flame that had long ago been burned between she and Juvie.
Juvie, redefined in every sense of the word, has transformed from the average Joe to the head honcho. After his confidence was shredded at the hands of Solai, unintentionally, he was left with no other option than to boss up! Years have passed in between the two, but their reunion is none other than amazing. However, the tables have shifted, and Solai no longer desires to have him at her side. Being the nigga that he is, Juvie uses the skills that he’s acquired in her absence to try and reel her back in.
Looking on, friends and family of Juvie and Solai both seem to enjoy their reconnection, all while dealing with their own issues at hand. The lifestyles once lived are a thing of the past and they all seem to be struggling to hit the hardball life keeps pitching their way. Love, lust, betrayal, and denial all hit the surface at once, and they are left to question only one person… themselves.
In this gritty, drama-filled hood love story from BriAnn Danae, read along as loyalty is questioned, secrets are being kept, but friendship is the one thing that never wavers. Life is quickly changing around them, and if Juvie and Solai aren’t careful with the decisions they make, the love they seem to yearn for will be the least of their worries.

Demon’s Dream: An Unexpected Love by Elle Kayson

Demon Montana: Clawing my way from the depths of hell to haunt the nightmares and steal the lives of many, I earned the name “Demon.” Hardened by a life that no one should live, I had rules that governed my existence. No caring. No intimacy. No love. And then I saw her… Dream. Beautiful. Brave. Bold. And for thirty days, she was mine. I would follow my rules: have her body, ignore her heart. Then, she looked at me… like she knew me. Like she saw me. Like she loved me. And I knew… thirty days weren’t nearly enough.
Dream Castle: Brilliant and bad ass, I was my family’s fixer. I was the queen of negotiating and smoothing ruffled feathers. I had never met a situation I couldn’t talk us out of… until my brother crossed the wrong family and they would accept only one payment for that debt.
For thirty days, I was supposed to give myself to a man so brutal, they called him “Demon.” I had to follow his rules, honor his demands, be available to him only. When I met him, he had nightmares in his cold green eyes and an enemy’s blood splattered on his hard, inked body. How could I survive a month with a monster without losing myself?
Except… those eyes seemed to thaw a little each time he looked at me. And his chiseled body fit perfectly against mine. There was so much more to the enigma called “Demon,” so many things that made him my “Damien.” Suddenly, the only thing I was worried about losing in thirty days was my heart.

Everything and More by K. Lashaun

Moments before Rumor Finley is set to board a plane and fly across the country for her baby sister’s wedding, her quick temper lands her in a rental car with a man she loved to annoy, the groom’s cousin, West Vaughn.

West didn’t get Rumor. At all. True, he’d engaged with her in insult battles for the last five years, but the woman was still an enigma he wasn’t sure he wanted to solve. But the close proximity to her weakens his resolve and reveals feelings he thought he’d buried, causing him to look at Rumor with more than feigned annoyance.

To their surprise, during the road trips, sparks fly and feelings they’d suppressed after a night of passion years ago resurface for the sworn enemies.

Could these opposites discover that what they find in each other is everything they need and more?

We Could’ve Been by Ladii Nesha

From the outside looking in, twenty-six-year-old Phoenix has a perfect life. She has the house, the cars, the clothes, and the perfect husband. To Phoenix, this is the furthest thing from the truth. Behind closed doors, her husband is the definition of a narcissist and his suffocating ways has Phoenix ready to give up. She’s drowning while everyone around her is watching, but refuses to give her a life jacket. Then she meets him.

The minute Theory meets the brown beauty with the sad eyes, he’s intrigued. Although he isn’t looking for a relationship, even he can’t deny the magnetic pull he feels when she’s around. Theory is the breath of fresh air she craves. His carefree demeanor and hood charm has Phoenix second-guessing everything she thought she knew.

When lines are crossed, emotions are involved, things take a deadly turn leaving Phoenix caught in the crossfire of lies and deception.

Pick Up Your Feelings by Kimberly Brown

Bleu Levell is cautious with her heart these days. After unknowingly having children with a married man, she’s recovering from heartbreak and betrayal. With her children’s father locked up on gun charges, Bleu has thrown herself into work and motherhood. It wasn’t until she meets photographer, O’Shea Boulware, her massage client, that she considers opening her heart to love again.

Tables turn when her ex, Isaiah, is suddenly released and looking to get that old thing back. His possessive nature won’t allow him to let Bleu go so easily, even with his wife in his back pocket. Even with years between them, he still loves Bleu and is willing to pay the ultimate price to have her.

What happens when obsession turns deadly? Join this trio’s journey of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption as the drama unfolds.

If Only You Knew by Trenae’

There was only one thing Passion Bailey loved more than music and that was beat maker and musical genius, Shawn “Skillz” Matthews. The only problem was, while Passion secretly loved the man behind the music, Skillz barely noticed anything besides her amazing voice. Fear of rejection and the realization that they were from two completely different backgrounds was enough to keep Passion secretly proclaiming her love for him through her lyrics. Emotions run high and there is nowhere to hide when the two are forced together for an impromptu tour. Sparks will fly, and secrets will be revealed in this SHORT sweet love story.

Daddy’s Lil Baby by Lisa Austin

This is a Jagoda Bay short. Meet Mocha and Azure…..

MM Romance Reads

Crushing on the Quarterback by Baylin Crow

Hooking up with your teammate may be a bad idea, but when it comes to Cannon Diaz? Worth it.

In my opinion, anyway. Cannon doesn’t seem to agree. After we hooked up at our high school graduation party, he left town the next day without so much as a goodbye.

BummerI was really hoping for a repeat.

Three years later, I’m shocked when the superstar quarterback transfers colleges, and we end up playing for the same team again.

Not gonna lie, I’m still harboring an epic crush on the guy, and I don’t try to hide my interest in him. That’s not my style—much to his annoyance. Or so he would like it to appear.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’m imagining the way Cannon watches me back when he thinks no one’s looking.

Crushing on the Quarterback is an MM romance short story.

Playing Games by Riley Hart

Tyson Langley thinks the king in Franklin University Kings is in reference to him. Star lacrosse player and God’s gift to the female and male population, there’s nothing the spoiled jock can’t have.

It’s impossible for us to be in the same room without talking crap to each other. But I also have a secret… As much as I despise Ty, I want him too. I revel in our banter and in never knowing what he’ll say next.

I’ve spent too much time on the wrong side of the law for someone like Ty, though, and if I want to make it through college and escape my past, he’s a distraction I don’t need.

Braxton Walker needs to learn to lighten up. If you search brooding online, his name pops up. He’s the bad boy with a leather jacket and a scowl. We couldn’t be more different.

Finding ways to annoy him is like the longest foreplay session of my life. And when we end up working together, it gets harder to deny how hot he makes me.

What’s a little hooking up between enemies?

We weren’t supposed to become friends or share secrets. We weren’t supposed to understand each other and all the complicated stuff we’re going through.

I’m used to playing games, only the more time I spend with Brax, the less it feels like playing around and the more it becomes something real.
This series takes place across a calendar year. The books have been released in chronological order but are all stand alones and can be consumed in whichever order you choose.

Step Bully by Willow Dixon

Of all the people in the world, I had to be attracted to the one person I hate…

Ash Summers is the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen. He’s also a total d*ck, and I hate him more than anything. That feeling is mutual, by the way, as he does nothing but torment me.

Oh, and did I mention he’s my stepbrother?

Messing with Ash is all fun and games until our parents force us to room together during our final year at college. Sharing an apartment with him only makes me hate him more.

Until it doesn’t. When Ash touches me, it’s impossible to remember why I dislike him so much. All I can think of is that I need him to do it again…and again.

Every encounter with Ash teaches me a little about myself and my true desires, but it also leaves an emptiness inside me that I don’t understand.

Am I the only one feeling things? Or is my big, bad stepbrother just as desperate for a connection as I am?

Step Bully is an enemies-to-lovers MM romance between stepbrothers who discover that the line between hate and love is a thin one. Expect super hot, slightly kinky encounters that evolve into a total schmoop fest when these two finally get their act together.

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