SUCKulence: Vampire Paranormal Romance (SUCK Series Book 1)

“This is a contract. A contract that says you’re allowing me to do any and everything sexually pleasing to your body within your discretion. I guess the only question is, are you bold enough to sign it?”

What would you do if a dangerously sexy vampire dangled temptation so easily in front of you? Trinity was looking for an escape from a reality she despised. What she didn’t expect was finding that the ultimate escape rested in the whiskey colored eyes of the sexy as sin vampire who’d crashed into Trinity’s life. He invaded every one of her senses and ravished her with need and want. As a human, could she be bold enough to step into a world that was forbidden to her? Could she find her ultimate escape from a life that sought to cling to her despite her desperate pleas to be let go?

SUCKulust: SUCKulence Spin Off (SUCK Series Book 2)

What would you do if you were falling for someone who didn’t ultimately belong to you? There was a deep connection that tied Emma and Blaze together but still; it was not the true mate connection. Was the connection they had for each other enough? Did they need a mating bond to prove just how much they felt for each other? The burden of not being mates would determine just how strong Blaze and Emma wanted to fight to have each other in their lives. In the end, the life they wanted would be tested and ultimately destroyed as everything they thought they knew changed completely. Emma and Blaze will have to decide if their lust and passion for each other could conquer it all.

SUCKumbed: Paranormal Romance Novella (SUCK Series Book 3)

Happily ever after? Does such a thing exist? Our favorite vampire couples concluded their stories with their perfect ending but can everything stay gold? What’s the key to a perfect relationship? Night and Trinity along with Emma and Blaze all have to learn the expertise of not just committing to your mate but completely succumbing to their very being. Can they do it? Or will they find ruin in their newly blossomed love?

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