Date Read: July 16, 2021
Published: February 6, 2021
Pages: 398

Book Synopsis:

Josiah Joseph is trouble—at least that’s what everyone says about him. Jade Taylor can’t help but to agree with their sentiments.
He’s a hotheaded football player and one of her most lackluster students.
She’s a young mother and a laser-focused teacher’s assistant, counting the days until graduation.
After the two cross paths at a wild party, Jade makes a discovery about the volatile quarterback that sends her on a quest to understand who Josiah Joseph is and why he’s suddenly become enamored with her.

My Review:

I’m a sucker for a good sports romance book. When I downloaded this story I never imagined how much it would pull me in or the life lessons that awaited me on the pages. I was engrossed with this story from beginning to end, and I honestly, I was disappointed that there weren’t more pages for me to fall in love with once I got to the last one. I’ve never read anything else from this author but I’m looking forward to discovering more of their work. I can’t wait to read this over again.

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