Date Read: July4, 2021
Published: May 1, 2021
Pages: 265

Book Synopsis:

Lyric Phillips is ready for love. For the first time ever, she believes that something worth having may exist for her. She always did what made her feel good with no cares for anything else until it caught up and bit her. She ultimately changed her mindset, vowed celibacy, and tossed her bad habits. When the new Lyric falls in love again, her past trickles in with an agenda.Elijah Grant is a youth pastor for his father’s church. He loves working with the kids but being their pastor was not his calling. After mishaps from his past, he fell in line to get back into his father’s good graces. Now, he’s ready to step down and move on. Breaking the news to his family may mean more trouble than it’s worth.

My Review:

The first book in this series was the first book I read from the author and I knew then that she’d be added to my list of go to reads. I picked up book 2 without reading the synopsis, because I didn’t care what was coming next. I just knew I needed more from the characters. The same with book 3 and 4, although this time around I was hoping for more on Nina and Mekhi. That wasn’t what we got, but I fell in love with what we did get. Babyyy. This book was everything. I loved Lyric and Elijah. They may just be my favorite couple of this series. I didn’t anticipate the focus on Lyric, but I’m happy that ended up being the case. She was a beautifully flawed character and I’m glad she got her happy ending. Now Elijah. Elijah gave me fine ass Ezra vibes. For those who read Love Belvin, you got the reference. Had me sitting here like, that’s a pastor, you can’t lust after that man. Lol but whew. And the icing on the cake, the side characters. I LOVE me some side characters with big personalities and we definitely got plenty of those. I’m hoping we get one more book, just for a little more closure with Nina and her babies. I FELT for those kids throughout this book. Clearly I enjoyed this read. Renée, shout-out to you. You did your thing.

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