Brown Girl Book Geek Favorite Reads of 2021

I read 115 books this year and some of those storylines were a whirlwind. Shout-out to all of the authors who got me through 2021. Check out my favorite reads of the year, these gems stood up and showed out!

Favorite New to me Author

Rilzy Adams was that chick for me this year! I saw her name a lot on Bookstagram and when I finally decided to check her out, I was hooked! I binged her catalog for about a month. She was hands down my favorite New to me Author of 2021.

Check her out here!

Favorite Series – Top 5

Four of the authors on this list were new to me authors. And they all put their foot in these series. Even the one’s that left me hanging from book to book.

Favorite Reads – Top 10

Book Review: The End Game: The Sun Book 2 by Rae Lyse

Date Read: July 16, 2021
Published: February 6, 2021
Pages: 398

Book Synopsis:

Josiah Joseph is trouble—at least that’s what everyone says about him. Jade Taylor can’t help but to agree with their sentiments.
He’s a hotheaded football player and one of her most lackluster students.
She’s a young mother and a laser-focused teacher’s assistant, counting the days until graduation.
After the two cross paths at a wild party, Jade makes a discovery about the volatile quarterback that sends her on a quest to understand who Josiah Joseph is and why he’s suddenly become enamored with her.

My Review:

I’m a sucker for a good sports romance book. When I downloaded this story I never imagined how much it would pull me in or the life lessons that awaited me on the pages. I was engrossed with this story from beginning to end, and I honestly, I was disappointed that there weren’t more pages for me to fall in love with once I got to the last one. I’ve never read anything else from this author but I’m looking forward to discovering more of their work. I can’t wait to read this over again.