Book Review: All You Hold On To (Anderson Creek Book 1) By K.T. Egan

Date Read: October 5, 2020
Published: July 21, 2020
Pages: 235

Book Synopsis:

Aspiring author Roxanne Wortham lives a comfortable life in Las Vegas. She spends her days at her nine-to-five job and comes home to her boyfriend, Ethan, and an unfinished novel that she can’t seem to crack. Her life is simple— that is, until she gets a phone call saying that her childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend, Maverick Sterling, has been in a near-fatal car crash.

As Roxanne discovers that she still has power of attorney over his affairs, she places her life on hold and rushes to Maverick’s side in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While helping him to recover, memories of childhood and old relationships resurface, making it difficult for Roxanne to balance her new life with her old one. Roxanne is left to sort through complicated feelings from her past alongside the realization that Maverick may still have feelings for her— and even worse, she may still have feelings for him, too.

My Review:

The author did a great job of painting a picture to introduce us to the main characters as well as the Anderson Creek crew of a small town in Pennsylvania as a whole. Knowing that this is leading up to a series, she gave just enough for us to care about each character we met from the beginning. She hit the ball out of the park by starting with Rick and Rox. They were the glue.

I love how real the story was. From the romantic relationships to the friendships. We’ve all come across childhood sweethearts or had one of our own. The stories all sound sweet and happily ever after. But lets be real, there’s bound to be hiccups along the way. Just like in any relationship. But with those, I’m sure there are even more. Not only are you growing as an individual and learning who you are as you experience more of the world, but you’re doing it alongside someone else. I love that K.T. showed us the nitty gritty of what can come when you’re in a relationship from your adolescent years that makes its way into adulthood.

The story showed growth, self reflection, and lots of love. It was relatable. I’m looking forward to see which of the Anderson Creek crew members we get to dive into next.

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