7 Eye Popping Book Covers That Caught My Attention

Yes, sometimes I commit that readers sin. I judge books by the cover, but sometimes you just can’t help it! Some covers are just so bomb that you can’t help but to pick it up. It could be the model, the bright colors, the pretty font, or all of the above. Check out my list of bomb covers below. 

Okay so this cover definitely had me hot and bothered. Like 🤤
Who Santa laying hands on though?? Those boxing gloves definitely made me stop, because Santa ain’t violent!
That red! Red is a statement color. Every time you see it, you can’t help but to stop. But duh, stop sign. But then the hair! This model slayed this cover.
The pregnancy stick. The title. Listen, you couldn’t not stop for this book.
This chocolate man would make any red blooded woman stop because damn he fine.
The colors of this are really sensual. They set a mood.
These bright vibrant colors had me clicking immediately. I couldn’t even tell what was happening in the photo but the pretty colors drew me in.


It’s the holiday time, and we all have family on the brain. This year more than ever. While our families are one of a kind, and I personally couldn’t ask for a better one, we all come across a family we want to spend some time with in even the smallest capacity. Especially in the fictional world! Some of our favorite authors have written about some of the most bomb fictional families out there. Whether we want to date the brothers, the cousins. Be the crazy uncles favorite niece. Get some of the motherly and fatherly love. These families left an impression long after we closed out the books.

Checkout five book series featuring some loving and crazy families we wish we could meet!

Book Review: Impromptu Seduction (In The Heart of a Valentine Book 8) By Stephanie Nicole Norris

Date Read: August 8, 2020
Published: August 2, 2020
Pages: 280

Book Synopsis:

Raised as a debutante, ladylike, and reserved, London Jones has stepped into unknown territory. From the moment her life collided with a man who should’ve been off-limits, a bachelor with a hot reputation—staying out of his way was the sensible thing to do. However, she finds herself caught in a tangled web of passionate fervor whenever he comes near. So much so that her ability to place a barrier between them becomes a futile battle. The heart wants what it wants, and London’s heart yearns for him.


She was the impetus of his desire. The only one who captured his eye for more than a moment and beckoned his soul to blend in beautiful bliss with hers. For software engineer Kyle Valentine, his attempt to hold back the hedonism that struck whenever they were together threatened to be his undoing. His heart yearned to connect with London’s soul, and soon he finds himself questioning if he’s worthy of her love. But now that he’s gotten next to London, determination becomes the motto for his pursuit and his ultimate will to hold on to her, forever.


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My Review:

The sensual sounds of Seduction by Usher came to mind when I began this story. The melody and lyrics make you feel sensuous, sexy, and erotic. Stephanie delivered just that from the gate with Kyle and London. Unlike most, this book was my introduction to the Valentine men and their love stories. It won’t be my last though. I knew from the first chapter in that I would be going back to read the first seven books in this series. Kyle was as smooth as they come, but he took us through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Love, joy, grief, excitement. The overabundant need to protect. Some would describe London as a unicorn, rare. I don’t like to give away spoilers, so I won’t go into detail as to why I categorize her as such. However, shoutout to Stephanie for not making me feel like there aren’t more of us out there like London. Another thing, London knew what she wanted, and she pursued it. Gave me a few pointers.

My love for this story isn’t just centered around the bond between Kyle and London. The family dynamic between the Valentine’s, and even the Jones’, was something to idealize. London’s relationship with her parents was sweet, it sort of reminded me of the relationship I have with my parents. Now that Valentine bond, that was beautiful. From the relationship shared between the siblings to relationship they shared with their father. The men were mouthwatering, they were educated, they were successful, and they were black. I love stories that characterize our men as something other than street dudes looking for ways to make quick money. Rich from legal businesses and have a strong father figure in their lives that isn’t afraid to show them love and affection. Daddies boys.

To wraps things up, this was fun and sexy. I also loved the unpredictable storylines Stephanie weaved in. They were a nice addition to the romance oozing from the pages. And I can’t close out without mentioning Kyle and that darn Borboleta. Babyyyyy 😳🤤

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