Book Review: My Heart Is Your Secret by Chelsea Maria

Date Read: March 8, 2021
Published: July 18, 2020
Pages: 350

Book Synopsis:

I can’t breathe. And I don’t want to breathe.I don’t want to breathe my air.I’d rather embed our veins together so his oxygen can flow into me.I’d rather us be one…

Keatyn had no idea how much I needed her. With each passing day that went by without touching her… kissing her… I became more ill.Atlas fell in love with me when he thought it was impossible…

I fell in love with him knowing it was guaranteed. I wanted Keatyn to be so in love with me that I became a second pair of skin to her. So engraved in her that she was unable to breathe unless I exhaled first…

But I had secrets. And she had silent insecurities. With everything combined, we were a disaster waiting to explode.

My Review:

I finished this book with a lot of mixed feelings. On the plus side, the individual characters were great! They each had their own personality that shined bright, especially the brothers and Coco. For them to have been the secondary characters I think I enjoyed them the most. The overall storyline was great, but the process to finish it out was a little all over the place. To me, it felt like I was reading multiple stories rather than one and it wasn’t because the book was literally broken into 2 parts. Each storyline that was introduced had great bones, but there was a bit of a disconnect when putting everything together and some things just didn’t make sense. A lot of parts felt unnecessarily drawn out. However, the overall story kept me interested to the point that I absolutely want to read the next books featuring the other brothers.

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7 Eye Popping Book Covers That Caught My Attention

Yes, sometimes I commit that readers sin. I judge books by the cover, but sometimes you just can’t help it! Some covers are just so bomb that you can’t help but to pick it up. It could be the model, the bright colors, the pretty font, or all of the above. Check out my list of bomb covers below. 

Okay so this cover definitely had me hot and bothered. Like 🤤
Who Santa laying hands on though?? Those boxing gloves definitely made me stop, because Santa ain’t violent!
That red! Red is a statement color. Every time you see it, you can’t help but to stop. But duh, stop sign. But then the hair! This model slayed this cover.
The pregnancy stick. The title. Listen, you couldn’t not stop for this book.
This chocolate man would make any red blooded woman stop because damn he fine.
The colors of this are really sensual. They set a mood.
These bright vibrant colors had me clicking immediately. I couldn’t even tell what was happening in the photo but the pretty colors drew me in.

Author Highlight: Meet Chelsea Maria

Author Biography: Chelsea Maria is rebirthing the idea of love for the millennial generation. Armed with a desire to define the union of faith and love, Chelsea Maria writes relatable stories that challenges society’s warped view of love. With a clearly defined purpose, Chelsea puts her passion and talents to use for the betterment of the generation.

Tasked with changing the narrative, Chelsea gives it her all. With no abandon, she pens fervently the stories of her heart and the hearts of her readers. Using her God-given talent, she employs wit and artistry to plant seeds of conviction and force reflection of her readers. Every addition to her growing catalog is penned with the purpose to revive the faith in love.

Now, with an arsenal of love-inspiring chronicles, she is claiming her spot in the world of fiction. Bringing a new wave to the industry and reshaping the twisted perceptions.


Have you checked out Chelsea’s work? What’s your favorite thing she’s written?

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