10 Boss Chicks in Black Romance

Black girls. Black women. We are magic. We are strong. We are some of the fiercest bosses out there. I usually tend to gravitate more towards the male leads, because let’s be real, they make your mouth water. But every now and then I come across a boss chick who makes her presence known, like “Blaw Tadow, Watch Out Now” in the words of the Original Queen Bee.











5 New to Me Authors I Loved in 2020

I had a few authors that were just sitting in my TBR and I was hype once I finally got to them. I have a few faves who take up my reading time, but I try to make it a priority to discover a few new authors every year. In 2020, I discovered these ladies and I can’t wait to read more from them. Check out my favorite reads from them thus far.

Renee A. Moses

Jade Royal

Chelsea Maria

Aubree Pynn

Cherish Amore

Book Review: Everything Is Love By Aubree Pynn

Date Read: January 6, 2021
Published: May 19, 2020
Pages: 256

Book Synopsis:

Dakari Summers has returned home after two years of attempting to heal from an unexpected betrayal. With his new contract, new team, and reconnection with his college friends, he has made a vow to himself – to never fall in love again. But life back home has different plans for him and they’re going to shake his core.

Baylee Alexander has finally come out of hiding from the shambles left behind after making a grave mistake that shifted her view on life and love. As she’s attempting to rid herself of the baggage she carries, her sight is set on the perfect distraction – work. With her dreams under attack, she takes a leap of faith that lands her in a situation she isn’t prepared for.

A whirlwind romance develops, and falling for each other is uncontrollable for both Dakari and Baylee. But how long will it last when the skeletons of the past start to tumble out of the closets they thought they sealed?

My Review:

First things first, shout-out to Aubree for representing my HU, the best university out there! Hampton University Class of 2016 🙌🏾

I loved the relationships in this book. From the romantic relationships, to the friendships, to the sibling relationships. Each one was special. Being able to have people around who hold you accountable and love you unconditionally is amazing. Although Dakari and Baylee were our main focus, the previews we were given into the other characters kept me equally engaged.

The biggest thing I took from this was you can’t allow transgressions from previous relationships to completely change your outlook on life and love. Relationships are going to get bumpy, even the best ones. But if they’re worth the ride, then patience, communication, trust, and even forgiveness are a must.