Book Review: Crave: A Reverse Harem Romance by Shae Sanders

Date Read: May 6, 2021
Published: January 28, 2021
Pages: 332

Book Synopsis:

I said I’d never love another man again. I had no idea I would soon fall in love with four of them.

I, Skye Bellamy, escaped to this little mountain town to start anew. To focus. It was supposed to be easy, because If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s reinvent myself. 

But a series of unfortunate events lands me right next to my favorite R&B boy band from back in the day. And they still look good.

Angelo’s the cocky one. Jamal is the strong, silent one. G is the gorgeous, sensitive one. And Matt, well, Matt’s not on my radar and for good reason.

But I’m already on theirs. 

I’m supposed to be working and they’re supposed to be rehearsing but temptation abounds and I soon find myself in their clutches…or maybe they’re in mine. It’s hard to say. But no matter how happy we are with our little arrangement, we’re all hiding something and it’s only a matter of time before it all blows up in our faces. But in the meantime…

We fall.

***This is book 1 in the Crave Series. Crave is a reverse harem romance, which means the heroine doesn’t have to choose; she can have any or all of the guys she wants. Sometimes at the same time. There is no cliff-hanger but this is the first in series so the story continues in the next installment.

My Review:

“Can a black girl do it?” That was the overarching theme of this book and it was bomb. I’ve never gotten a book of this nature with a black woman at it’s core, which was the whole point of the story within the story. I love that Shae wrote this. This book showed that it’s okay to put your happiness first, no matter what society says is acceptable. Each character had reasons to both love and hate them, and that’s what made me love the story all together. While this does leave you with many unanswered questions, anyone reading this review is lucky, because part 2 is already available. I’ve been wanting to read Shae’s work for quite a while and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Looking forward to reading more of her work.

(ARC) Book Review: The Family Recipe by K.T Egan

Date Read: May 3, 2021
Published: May 4, 2021
Pages: 337

Book Synopsis:

When a NYC baker’s grandfather dies, she inherits his house in a Pennsylvanian small town. Crushed by his absence and the new responsibility bestowed upon her, Cheyenne has a choice to make. In order to fulfill her grandfather’s wishes, she has to leave the life she knows in New York, along with her thriving business, and make a new life for herself in the small town where she spent her childhood summers. On top of her grief, it all seems like too much to bear—that is, until she’s acquainted with the handsome maintenance man in charge of the house’s upkeep.

My Review:

The momentum from K.T.’s first book definitely carried over into book 2. I was really looking forward to this story, because the first was so beautifully written. Book 2 didn’t disappointment. I loved Cheyenne’s story. The story centered around starting new chapters in your life, navigating grief, second chances, and embracing change. It was such a sweet story and it was well written. And I’ve never lived in one, but I’ve always been a sucker for small town living and all the quirks that come with it. We got plenty of those quirks with this one.

*I received an ARC of this title from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review*

Book Review: Forever & Always: Addicted To Hood Love by Kaylyn

Date Read: April 19, 2021
Published: April 6, 2021
Pages: 369

Book Synopsis:

Time doesn’t heal all wounds . . .At 19 years old, Trace Gryffon, has suffered irreparable damage. Hardened by unresolved trauma caused by greed and disloyalty, Trace decided long ago he can’t get hurt if he doesn’t let anybody in. That goes for everybody- including his family.Trace was in hell, but he wasn’t the only one suffering. His older brother, Tyus Gryffon, faced some deep rooted issues of his own…. an unexpected meeting occurs when Messiah fears for a strangers life and takes a chance on saving it along with her roommate Luvly.Four different paths, all fighting an addiction- the need to feel real love. After being hurt and tending to old wounds that never got a chance to heal, will love be the antidote for the pain?

My Review:

This wasn’t a book I would typically read, but it came across my radar and I decided to give both the book and the author a shot. The story was unpredictable. I’ll give it that. The author did an awesome job with the details she provided throughout the story. Each stone that was uncovered left you even more invested.

(ARC) Book Review: like a BOSS by Anne Harper

Date Read: April 18, 2021
Published: April 19, 2021
Pages: 238

Book Synopsis:

Antonella “Nell” Bennett is having the worst day of her life. Long-term boyfriend broke up with her? Check. Drove through the pouring rain to a small roadside restaurant, only to be told all the tables were reserved for “Couples Night”? Check. Definitely no longer one half of a couple? Check. So maybe she got a little heated with the restaurant’s host, and maybe her voice carried a bit as she lamented—loudly—that she’s never anyone’s “plus-one.” At least an attractive stranger comes to her rescue, inviting her to be seated with him, and when it turns out to be one of the best nights she’s had in a while, even ending in an innocent kiss that becomes anything but? Check please. Fast forward a week, and Nell’s rant has gone viral. Sure, her tiny hometown of Arbor Bay is collectively buzzing over their latest Internet celebrity, but Nell’s no stranger to attention. Drama seems to follow her whether she likes it or not. But even she never expected to show up to work only to discover her brand-new boss is a very familiar face…

My Review:

“It’s hard to be rigid when the person you love is so flexible. Just by being with them, you start to feel the hard edges that life has made on you start to become smoother.” I loved this quote as much as I loved this story. This book was refreshing and a perfect way to get me out of my reading slump. While light hearted, there was a lot any reader could take from this book. Lessons to learn about self love and relationships (familial, friends, community, romantic). This was such a fun read and you couldn’t help but fall for each of the characters. The small town lover in me enjoyed this so much. The cover drew me in and I’m glad I took a chance on it.

*I received an ARC of this title from Net Galley in exchange bfir an honest review*

Book Review: From the Hood With Love 2 by BriAnn Danae

Date Read: March 31, 2021
Published: March 25, 2021
Pages: 422

Book Synopsis:

Dismayed at what she now has to consider her life, Loriana tries her best to balance it all. The unforeseen death of her mother has her suffocating in grief, feeling as if she’s lost it all. While struggling internally, she smiles on the outside to save face. That’s until she can no longer keep up her façade.When she least expects it, the breath of fresh air she was desperately gasping for is given. On a rollercoaster with her emotions, wondering how her first love became her first heartbreak, she finds herself. Those good days she prayed to God for had finally came around. Blossoming into a young woman, Loriana steps into adulthood with a vengeance. Coming after everything her heart desires, including new love, she holds nothing back.While Projex never thought the fast life he lived would catch up to him, it does and in the worst way. Figuring he can conquer it all, he bites off more than he can chew and finds himself in a jam. Just when things begin to look up, life reminds them that this wasn’t a fairytale. This was real life…from the hood. You either sank or swim.

My Review:

Whew. Y’all this book started out having me in my feels. It kept me there for a large chunk of it, because the grief was so prominent. You could feel it oozing from the pages, and rightfully so. That would be me. But I loved the people that Loriana had around her. They held her down. Support is everything. Her and Bryshon still gave me heart eyes. Now there were some instances that popped up that foreshadowed parts of the book for me towards the end, BUT even with what I thought I knew, the author proved I didn’t know squat. Now I’m anxiously awaiting part 3 low-key side eyeing the author lol. This book was what I needed.

Book Review: A Sweet Heart: a Hale girls novella by Ashley Nicole

Date Read: June 9, 2020
Published: February 23, 2020
Pages: 100

Book Synopsis:

Showing up to a meeting late is the easiest way to get on her hit list. Insulting his masculinity is the quickest way to get on his. They both come out swinging, but get hit with something neither was anticipating: Love

My Review:

Well damn. I feel like I can’t say what I want to say because it’s too inappropriate lol. I will say Ashley did that! Enjoy this quick read and hopefully you have someone to take the enjoyment out on hint hint. 😂

Book Review: With His Song by B. Love

Date Read: March 20, 2021
Published: August 17, 2020
Pages: 128

Book Synopsis:

Eva Waters has spent years being a kept woman. Money, cars, and options is the life she knows but no longer wants — especially when it comes with loose hands, black eyes, and a heavy heart. When her sister, Elise, moves away under witness protection, she envisions her own escape from a world she deems her prison. Despite being a new mother, she takes the leap, but will it be easy to fall into the arms of the man waiting to catch her?Pianist and tattoo artist, Hezekiah Moses, is immensely talented. He’s also a lover. Thoughtful, intuitive, and sincere, he can’t help but grow even more infatuated with Eva when she comes to town seeking refuge for her weary heart. Respectfully giving her space to recover, Hezekiah holds back. Yet, when her pain becomes his, lines must be drawn and every card played.Can Eva stand on her own two feet? Will Hezekiah’s savior complex leave him jolted once again? Or will they both discover the difference between being saved and finally being free?*Please note: This is a spinoff. These characters were originally introduced in Strumming My Pain. SMP does not have to be read first, but it will give you a foundational glimpse into their lives.*

My Review:

Shout-out to mama and daddy Moses, because they did their thing when they raised their sons. Hezekiah every ounce of love, loyalty, and patience personified. The way he stepped in and showered Eva and Saint with his unwavering love and affection was beyond beautiful. And it was so great to see Eva open up herself to allow love in. I loved the importance the author placed on highlighting that as a mother, you can’t allow yourself to lose sight of you. And that the balance of making sure that you as a woman is satisfied in other aspects of her life will make things that much grounded on the mothering side. And I enjoyed that we got to see more from Izeah and Elise. This whole family was a win for me.

Book Review: Strumming My Pain by B. Love

Date Read: March 17, 2021
Published: July 2, 2020
Pages: 170

Book Synopsis:

Nurse, Elise Waters, has been shaken. After witnessing the murder of the man she loved, anxiety had become her relaxed state and trust is a fair-weather friend. Forced into witness protection while awaiting her moment of testimony at the murderers’ trial, she meets someone who provokes her truth. Her spirit, searching for soothing, cries out. But claiming healing isn’t so easy.Izeah Moses is a guitarist with a head for business. As owner of an apartment complex, the presence of his new tenant sends his fingers into a melodic frenzy. Easily, she captured his heart, but grief and fear have overtaken her mind. Fulfilling her needs takes more than a serenade.In this Spiritually Street Romance, will Elise and Izeah become their very own love song? Or will the past forever haunt, leaving them plucked to pieces?

My Review:

What is it about dudes named Izeah? No matter which way it’s spelled, they are all, for lack of better words, everything. They all have this energy, an energy that’s almost indescribable but it jumps off of pages. His protectiveness, loyalty, heart, all of it was beautiful. Elise was brave, strong, and courageous. I loved the journey this couple experienced. I respected the importance the author put on the need to heal. The way the author position the next release has me looking forward to reading what’s to come. And I say this as I’ve already downloaded book 2 😂