Serving Time

This is part one of a two book story.
**WARNING** It ends in a cliffhanger.

Samuel Valentine is one of the country’s most prolific litigators and manages a successful law firm. His priorities are growing his business, building a legacy and taking care of his family. His life was closed off from people outside his circle until a case forces him to call on the help of an outsider.
Averie Patterson excelled in law school, was granted a clerkship with a Supreme Court Justice then opened her own law firm. She is passionate about helping women overcome legal obstacles.
Averie is put into the path of the one person who doesn’t want her help. Can they co-exist?

Free Indeed

The events at the end of Serving Time have thrust all the characters into chaos. Everyone will have decisions to make and paths to choose.
Follow along as each decision leads to another in the conclusion to Serving Time…Free Indeed.

Trusting The Process

“He cheated…now what?”Is the question that Keeva Abernathy keeps asking herself. After finding out that her husband of fifteen years slept with someone else, Keeva’s life is turned upside down. Everything she thought she knew was now being called into question. How can she trust the process when it seems that all the cards are stacked against her?When Kerem met Keeva, he knew she was it for him. He’d found the woman he would spend the rest of his life loving. Then he met “Her” and now his perfect house of cards was falling down around him. Can he trust the process will work in his favor when he is responsible for causing the damage?

Depth of Love

Raised in the foster care system, Cambria “Cam” McLaren worked hard to become one of the premier hair stylists in her area. She wanted love but kept attracting men in committed relationships. Cam wasn’t sure of everything she wanted in a man, but she surely knew she wasn’t side chick material. After meeting Morris at a party, then eventually becoming his neighbor, she had a grownup crush on the handsome and suave lawyer.

Morris Owens was a single dad of two girls and a senior associate at the prestigious law firm Valentine and Belle. His main focus was taking care of his girls and co-parenting civilly with their mother. From the moment his and Cam’s paths crossed, however, he knew he wanted her.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings eventually led Cam and Morris down a path of friendship, but both wanted more from each other. As time progresses, the question remains: can they figure out the path to love?

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