Date Finished: January 2, 2023
Published: November 15, 2020
Pages: 200

Book Synopsis:

Valeena is on the run. Except she’s not running anymore. She’s managed to do the impossible, escape from her sociopath brother and hide away on the outskirts of a nice, sleepy mountain town.

It’s just her, her kinda-neighbor, Bob (not his real name because she doesn’t do names), and the small arsenal she keeps stashed in her cabin, just in case. That is until one snowy night an injured dog (wolf?) finds its way to her front porch offering companionship, an uncanny knack for being able to unlock and relock doors, and a habit of disappearing.

Even more unexpected is the intense, insanely hot dude who shows up claiming ownership of her new puppy only to sweep her into the kind of passion she thought had no place in her life. He also brings his own secrets, a hint to her lineage, and a demand that she trust him to keep her safe.

My Review:

I am so mad at myself for taking so long to finally read this book! This story gave all the big dick energy I love in a black romance with the insights into the unknown and the intriguing kink I enjoy in a shifter romance. I have only come across a few paranormal romances with black leads that give me the same feels I get reading a “normal” black romance novel. The author didn’t make the characters black and then write the story as if it featured a non-black couple. The references she gave to our culture, the ebonics she used when they spoke, even the way she described their body language was a testament to who the characters were. Add in the aspects of the paranormal world, which I loved the different spins she added to the clan of wolves in this universe, and I was hooked the entire way. One positive takeaway from my delayed reading of this book is that book 2 is already available and I can’t wait to dive in.

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