This year, I set a higher reading goal for myself than I ever have, 175. I was committed to hitting that goal, so this month I had to READ y’all. Not only did I hit my goal, but I surpassed it 🙌🏾. I even came across a few that will make my favorite reads of 2022 list. There are 27 books here. If you’ve read any, share your thoughts! If you decide to read any, let me know. for now, check out my December reads.

Black Romance Reads

HotBox by AshleyNicole

Wanna do things you never thought to your body…
Kleio Wilkins has just finished a fourteen-year bid– At least that’s how it feels. After years in an unhappy, unsatisfying marriage, she’s looking forward to the cool, fresh breath of freedom.
Before she can inhale, however, in walks Ariel Ellis. He’s everything her ex wasn’t and more, breaking down insecurities she thought she’d long overcome.
Could he be the freedom she’s been longing for?

Fumbled Your Heart by Mya Kay

Jezzy Watson, a fiery sports agent from Philadelphia, rose to the top of her game in just three years. She has an inkling for getting some of the best deals in the business and this earns her an “Agent of the Year” honor at New York Fashion Week’s charity event.

It’s been ten years since she’s seen her high school sweetheart, Trent Rucker, who now plays for the New York Giants. As soon as she lays eyes on him at the event, the memories and pain come flooding back. When Trent broke up with her on prom night, he not only broke her heart, but his promise to go to college in New York with her so they could conquer the sports world together.

Upon reconnecting, Jezzy makes it clear she’s very much in love with her fiancé, Marcus. When Trent pays her a visit at her office bearing flowers as a peace offering, she immediately shuts him down. But Trent is more determined than ever to make things right with Jezzy, at least to maintain a friendship. However, his actions to do so show not only him, but his fiancée Kelli, that a friendship is not the only thing he wants.

Love and pain resurface in this novel where Trent will soon learn that he may have completely fouled out.

Talk To Me Nicely by BriAnn Danae

Words of affirmation.

That seemed to be my love language. Especially when whispered sonorously in my ear as I climaxed. On the hunt for something new — someone rather, I found myself in a situation I couldn’t escape. I didn’t want to.

Khalan Mason is just what the doctor prescribed and I wanted every single inch and dose of him.

Fuck Around & Fall In Love by Brandie Nikole

A slow lick on the neck.
A deep kiss in the mouth.
Deep strokes as he grips my hair like he’s trying to yank it from the root.
These are the reasons why I’m stuck in this web of entanglement.

Open Road Book 2 by Karmen Lee

Kandice is still reeling from her late night fling with Robert, her boss and the principal of the small school where she works. To make matters worse, it seems that Rebekah was there that night and saw everything. What follows is a whirlwind of events that make her question whether or not she should continue to call Smalltown, USA her true home.
Things go from bad to worse when she and runs into Rebekah who seems to now be in a relationship with Susan. Once again, their chemistry and passion for one another threaten to ruin their tentative working relationship. But now that Kandice is ready to finally acknowledge her feelings for Rebekah, can they get their act together before word of their relationship gets out?
Even when you think you have all the answers, things still might not turn out right. Will Kandice be able to convince Rebekah to give her a chance, or has she possibly missed out on her second chance at love?

Catching Feelings by Ladii Nesha

The flight crew is back and things are messier than ever!

Just when things are starting to look up, chaos erupts, sending everyone into a frenzy. In this drama filled story, Kendall and Renee takes sibling rivalry to the next level. More secrets are revealed, friendships are tested, bonds are broken and somewhere in the middle, love makes a brief appearance. With new lives entering the world, other ones are at stake.

What do you get when you mix drama, hot sex and untreated daddy issues?

A very toxic situation.

Santa’s Little Pleasers by Ladii Nesha

Are you tired of the same ole thing? Meaningless relationships and unfulfilling flings.
Has it been a while since you had a rumble in the sack? Are your needs sexual needs not being met?

What if I had the tools to make your wildest fantasy’s come true?
You are in luck! Santa’s Little Pleasers are coming to a town near you.

MM Romance Reads

Our First Puck by Kat Obie

Sometimes loves needs a little push

I’ve been in love with Theo, my best friend, for a long time. Normally that would be okay, except I’m a closeted professional hockey player and I’m too afraid to mess up my friendship with him.

On my twenty-fifth birthday, everything changes. Grandmum cursed my birthday gift which forces me to confess my love for Theo. As if getting pushed out of the closet wasn’t bad enough, I could no longer burn off magical energy with exercise and shifting into a werewolf alone.

I’m at an age where I have to embrace my magic or it might literally kill me. Then Theo comes up with a new option. Something that will allow our love to flourish. Yet his solution also calls for me to do the one thing that I have refused to do.

Now the question becomes, do we do the spell or is there another way for our love to survive?

If you love werewolves, shifters and hockey, this is the book for you.

Incadescent by Christina Lee

Delaney Roberts and Marcus Worthy-Davis have quite a few things in common. Both blue-collar workers in their forties, they’ve experienced the tragic loss of their wives and meet through their monthly grief group. Their connection is immediate, their friendship solidifying over texts and barstool confessions, neither feeling quite so lonely in the other’s presence.

When Marcus reveals to the group that he’s considering dating, it shakes Delaney to his core. He’s nowhere near ready, not when he feels on unstable ground with his teenage son and has vowed not to uproot his life again. Even if it means pushing his own needs aside. Even if Marcus’s announcement stirs something else inside Delaney, something he’s kept at bay for twenty years, and he suddenly sees their more tender moments in a different light.

The first time Marcus holds Delaney during a particularly rough night, the ache in Marcus’s chest, the one he tries hard to ignore, only intensifies. And when their slow-burning friendship sparks into a blazing fire, they finally indulge in each other to satisfy their needs. Marcus knows the arrangement is only temporary, but he feels a rightness with Delaney he can’t easily explain.

Soon enough, their longing becomes difficult to ignore. But love after loss is terrifying, the familiarity with pain and despair too close to the surface. To fan the flames of their connection, they’ll not only need to make room in their hearts but also take an enormous leap of faith.

Always Him by Cora Rose

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year it’s that life isn’t always fair.
Sometimes things happen that test our resilience and our strength.
My life was changed forever one fateful night last year when I lost my leg in an accident. It’s affected my independence and my confidence.
But there is one thing—one person—that hasn’t changed, hasn’t wavered when life gets hard.
Finn Ledger. He’s been my best friend since the moment we met in middle school. We’re grown now, with separate lives, but he still always manages to be there for me when I need him, even when circumstances try to wrench us apart.
He always holds me when I need it, cares for me like no one else can. His affection for me feels like home, like safety…
But recently those innocent touches have been igniting something new inside of me. Something I can’t explain, something lustful and intense.
Something that could change everything…

Boyfriend Goals by Riley Hart

Unusual. Quirky. Different. I’ve heard it all. I’ve accepted I’m not for everyone. Maybe not anyone.

When I find out I inherited a bookstore and apartment on a small East Coast island, I jump at the chance for a new life.

Turns out, I’ve also inherited a sexy, tattooed guy who not only rents the space next to my store for his tattoo parlor but my apartment too.

Did I mention he’s really hot?

And surprisingly sweet?

I wasn’t looking for a roommate, but it’s not like I can stay at Milo’s place while he’s banished to a hotel.

Our unlikely friendship is instant. According to Milo, we’re bestie goals.

And if he doesn’t wear pants at home, who am I to complain?

Milo’s not like anyone I’ve ever known. I like laughing and flirting with him. He’s adorably honest, eager, and sexier than he realizes.

Now I just have to figure out how to convince him that maybe it’s time for an upgrade from bestie to boyfriend goals.

A Christmas Obsession by Ella Brighton

He made my life hell in high school. Now he’s hotter than ever…and he has a few secrets of his own.

When I wind up sitting next to my former bully on a train ride into the Scottish highlands, I can’t think of anything worse.

But something has changed. Isaac isn’t antagonizing me any longer—he’s trying to apologize.

I still don’t trust him, but I can’t deny he’s gorgeous.

Add a dumping of snow, a ferry cancellation, plenty of hot chocolate, and a dash of Christmas spirit, and suddenly I’m sharing his bed…

Take it Off by Edward Raines

“Take it off!” he cheers, and adrenaline races through me. We’re just having a little fun, so why does it feel so wrong?

A few days ago, I went through the roughest breakup of my life. After a fateful run-in with her gay best friend, Brandon, I’m back at his place hanging out and talking about her.

Brandon wants to ease my troubles with a little fun and games, but when one thing leads to another, I realize there’s more to Brandon that I want to explore. I just need something new to help me take the edge off, and Brandon is there to help me take it off in more ways than one.

Football Royalty by Eden Finely

If you never fooled around with someone of the same gender, did you even go to high school?


My whole life I’ve had the pressure of being Marcus Talon and Shane Miller’s football prodigy. I’ve been destined to follow in my NFL-playing fathers’ footsteps since the day I was born. I usually thrive under pressure, but as senior year looms, it all gets too much, and I need an outlet. The last place I thought I’d find my release is at Levi Vanderbilt’s graduation party. In his bed. With him.

It’s a one-time thing. An experimentation. And while it was fun, we agree that being with guys isn’t for either of us. I’m happy to accept that until he turns up in California.

I haven’t had to think about him for four years, but now I can’t get him out of my head.


Coming to Franklin University for grad school to follow a boy I hooked up with once is the stupidest thing I could have done.

We said that high school didn’t mean anything, but the truth is, that night made me realize who I truly am, and since then, I’ve been trying to find that sense of freedom again.

I’m hoping it can be with him, but everything I’ve heard around campus points to Peyton not having the same life-changing revelation I did.

And if that’s the case, did I just move across the country for a straight guy?

Kill me now.

A Million Little Moments by Riley Hart

Jasper’s been my best friend my whole life. From losing my family when I was young, to living together and running our business, it’s always been me and Jasp. I feel more for him than I should, but confessing the truth would be the first step to losing him.

Our lives are so entwined, it’s hard to tell where one of us ends and the other begins. It’s killing me more each day to be this close to him and not be able to call him mine, so when it hurts too much, the only choice is to walk away.

My life is perfect. I have my family, my business, and my best friend. But when Sutton starts pulling away, everything changes, and it’s ripping me apart, forcing me to admit hard truths—that I feel different when he touches me; that I need him always by my side.

The thing is, I’m in love with Sutton, and apparently he feels the same. Loving Sutton is as easy as breathing, yet knowing my parents won’t accept us, not with all the backward things they raised me to believe, makes each day a struggle.

But one thing I know for sure—the world doesn’t make sense if Sutton and I aren’t together. We’ve had a million little moments to prove it. And to be the man he deserves, I have to fight for him, for us, and maybe that means fighting for myself too.

You & Me by Tal Bauer

Landon Larsen is the envy of all the dads in Last Waters, Texas. He’s cool, confident, and put together. He and his son—the high school’s all-star quarterback—have the perfect father-son relationship. He’s such a Super Dad, it’s almost sickening.

I’m not cool, or confident, and my relationship with my son couldn’t be worse. He’s barely speaking to me, and a year after my wife died, we’re both clinging to the wreckage of our family.

Landon’s son and mine are best friends and—of course—Landon is the football Team Dad. And though I know nothing about football, Landon convinces me to volunteer to be closer to my son. Volunteering might give him and me a chance to rebuild what’s broken between us. Now I’m spending all my free time with the team—and with Landon—and the more we’re together, the deeper our friendship grows. My son is opening up, too, little by little. I think I’m getting him back.

There’s just one giant problem.

I’m head over heels for Landon.

I’ve never been attracted to men in my life… until him. Landon draws me in without even trying, and the harder I fight this, the deeper I fall.

Crushing on my son’s best friend’s father must be my biggest parenting failure ever, but I can’t get enough of Landon. Falling for him puts each fragile moment I’ve rebuilt with my son at risk. What would he think if he knew I craved his best friend’s dad? I’m playing with fire, but I can’t turn off these feelings Landon has unlocked inside of me.

Of course, a guy like Landon could never fall for someone like me. It’s pointless to even imagine we could be something together.

So why did I just kiss him?

Until Him by Cora Rose

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year at college, it’s that things aren’t always what they seem.
I’m Logan Lewis. I’m popular, charming, athletic, and all the girls love me. Yep, I’ve really got it made.
But when I find myself in danger of failing my chemistry class and losing my sports scholarship, I know the only person who can save me is the smartest science tutor on campus.

Theo Reign is brilliant. He’s also cold and antisocial, moody and mean. He looks at me like he hates me, but touches me like he wants me. There’s something just beneath the surface that draws me in. His secret pain mirrors my own, and I suddenly find myself craving him. I can’t get enough of this mysterious and intriguing man, and though I know what we’re doing is weird and probably toxic, I just can’t seem to let him go.
I never thought I would want another man.
Until him.

Bromantic Getaway by Brigham Vaughn

Can a vacation for two to Antigua turn this “bromance” into the real deal?

Spencer Abrams has dated a string of hot women. Sure, it’s never worked out but that’s because he hasn’t met the right one. It has nothing to do with how close he is to his gay best friend. He’s straight.

Isn’t he?

When an off-hand comment sends him tumbling into the realization he’s in love with his best friend, he turns a romantic vacation meant for his ex into a getaway with Devin—and a chance at the love that’s always been right in front of them.

Head Above Water by C.E. Ricci

That’s the thing about hearts—

Like waves, they break too.


I’ve never battled with the raw, debilitating pain that comes with it.

Then a twist of fate hits me out of nowhere, and I can barely keep from drowning.

It’s like weights tied to my ankles in the middle of a raging ocean.

I’m helpless, with no way to swim back to the surface.

But fate is crueler still, bringing my stepbrother back for the first time in years.

Cannon never wanted this family. Especially me.

Still, he’s always been my greatest desire. And my biggest weakness.

He’s unattainable.

Straight, engaged, and with a seemingly perfect life on the other side of the country.

It’s something I’d do well to remember, yet when he stays, it’s so easy to forget.

In finding solace together, we mend what once was broken.

This loss bonds us. Changes us.

He’s become more than a brother or a lover.

He’s my anchor.

So how am I supposed to keep my head above water when I’ll eventually lose him too?

Hard Hart by B.T. Haiyes


I’d survived the flames that snatched away my firefighting career. However, the physical scars that blaze left behind, also snatched away my belief in ever finding love.

So, the last person I expected to walk into my life was Dylan. From the moment this gorgeous man walked into my garage, I figured him for yet another hot straight guy I could never have.

But when he invited me over to the bar where he works, I started to sense that maybe Dylan wasn’t as straight as he appears…


When I first met James he was quiet but generous, and he offered to do everything he could to get my car back on the road.

So of course, I had to returned the favor in kind, and offered to buy him a drink. And it has nothing to do with how handsome and muscular James is. Or how his soft cobalt blue eyes seem to utterly mesmerize me.

Look, there’s nothing wrong in simply admiring another mans physique.

And besides, I’m straight. Although, I must admit, the longer James keeps staring at me the way he does, the less certain of that I feel…

Hard Case by B.T. Haiyes

When Case is reluctantly roped into a team-building weekend work retreat, he has no idea what to expect. Yet, ever since he arrived at the log cabin village, Case hasn’t been able to tear his eyes away from Ben.

Ben — a tall ripped muscular mountain of a man — will be guiding Case (and Case’s co-workers) through the nearby wilderness.

But, Case has always known he’s straight. And still, there’s something about Ben that electrifies Case in ways he could have never imagined.

Nonetheless, with a whole two days left to go, Case is struggling to stay discrete about just how excited he gets around Ben.

So, until the retreats over, its going to be a long hard weekend for Case.

The Anonymous Hookup by Jax Calder


I’ve never been a strings-free sex type of guy, but when my best friend encourages me to have my first ever anonymous hookup, I figure, why not? One night of steamy sex with a stranger and then I’ll focus back on recovering from my toxic break-up.

Only I’m not prepared for how incredibly hot the sex is.

Nor am I prepared to run into him again.

Because it turns out my anonymous hookup might not be so anonymous after all…

A Tent for Two by Milana Spencer

When Miles goes camping with his best friend, Beckett, there’s just one problem: Miles forgot his sleeping bag.

The simple solution would be to share with Beckett, but Beckett hates skin-contact. Even the prospect of sharing a tent with Miles makes Beckett flustered and he dismisses the idea immediately. Which is fine. Miles can respect the boundaries of their friendship.

But their camping trip turns out to be full of surprises. Beckett’s been hiding a few secrets from Miles, one of which is that he doesn’t always hate skin-contact, not in certain situations, not with certain people. But the biggest surprise of all will come when Miles realises just how he feels about his best friend Beckett.

Don’t You Dare by C.E. Ricci

It was never meant to be more than a dare.

A party game. A dare. A single kiss.

That’s all it took to flip my world upside down.

I’ve always classified myself as straight, and as far as I can tell, so has he.

I didn’t think one kiss would change that, but I was so wrong.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about him. In all the ways I shouldn’t.

My best friend.


His taste is branded in my memory, his touch seared in my skin.

And I want more.

This simmering attraction I feel only grows with passing time.

Which is why I start tossing out new dares.

Riskier ones that toe lines we never thought we’d cross.

I’m gambling with our friendship, knowing it could ruin us.

But there’s so much more at stake here.

Like my heart.

The Straight Game by Milana Spencer

Daniel and Tate.

Just friends.

100% straight.

And competitive as hell.


When I’m stuck in an unfamiliar city, attending maths lectures for my final high school exams, I resign myself to two days of boredom. That’s when I meet Tate. Something about his toffee-brown eyes and fearless attitude immediately draws me in and I quickly learn we have a lot in common:

1) We’re both from the same rural town.

2) We’re both staying at the same hotel.

3) We’re both extremely competitive.

I can’t say no to a competition, no matter whether it’s a swimming race or an intense match of truth or dare, no matter how much Tate makes my heart flutter. But as we spend the summer holidays together and our games get increasingly sexual, I’m forced to face the terrifying truth: I might like Tate more than a friend.

Somehow our competitions somehow turn R-rated. Honestly, I’m impressed Daniel’s brave enough to keep going, even when it means kissing and touching each other and taking our clothes off. But there are a lot of things about Daniel that are impressive — he’s kind, thoughtful, and absolutely gorgeous.

Not that I have feelings for him. I don’t. We’re just friends, and besides, I’m 100% straight. This thing we’re doing? It’s just a game. A game I intend to win.

The Christmas Deal by Keira Andrews

Will fake boyfriends become the real deal this holiday?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—except ex-Marine Logan is jobless and getting evicted. Worse, he’s a new single dad with a stepson who hates him. A kid needs stability—not to mention presents under the tree—and Logan’s desperate.

Then he meets lonely Seth and makes a deal.

Can Logan temporarily pretend to be live-in boyfriends to increase Seth’s chances at a promotion? If it provides a roof over their heads for the holidays, hell yeah. Logan considers himself straight—he doesn’t count occasional hookups with guys—but he can fake it. Besides, with his shy little smile, Seth is surprisingly sexy.

Make that damn sexy.

Shocked that Seth has only been with one man, Logan can’t resist sweetening their deal to teach him the joys of casual sex. No strings attached. No feelings. No kissing.

No falling for each other.

Easy, right?

Other Romance Reads

Friends And Lovers by S.I. Hayes

One weekend can change a life forever.
Relationships are complicated beasts!
A group of friends all tossed together. Young, rebellious, and stupid. Lines will get crossed, and definitions blurred, changing lives and setting futures in motion.
Now, those same choices will be tested as the thoughts of second chances hang in the balance.
Can these old friends and lovers make it through the weekend? Or will worlds and walls crumble?

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