Black Romance Reads

Who Can I Run To by Monica Walters

When tragedy strikes, it hits hard, and Chantrice Leonard is still reeling from its blow. Life just isn’t the same, and she’s doing her best to rid her spirit of the grief she feels by submerging herself in work. She believes that as long as she keeps busy, she won’t have to deal with the loss she’s suffering. However, a family dinner, in which she meets a man that was impacted by her loss as well, forces her to face it head on.

Being an overcomer is just part of who Orion Gentry is. Positivity pours from him on a daily basis, but it doesn’t mean that his life is without struggles. Having a severe medical crisis takes a toll on him mentally and physically but he doesn’t stop trying to be the best version of himself. While there are weak moments, he maintains his focus on a positive outcome. But when he meets a woman directly connected to his lifeline, he falls immediately and knows that his struggles have not been in vain.

Chantrice and Orion meet and sparks fly, but the premise on which this meeting occurs makes Chantrice feel as though she wants to attach herself to him for the wrong reasons. Orion refuses to give up on her and allow his destiny to willingly walk out of his life. Will Chantrice stop overthinking and just go with the flow, or will she allow her reservations to control her heart?

Lone Wolf: Bennett Pack by K.C. Mills

Fated Bonds are nothing to take lightly. Jo wasn’t the type to settle because she knew her mate was out there somewhere. When her Alpha attempted to claim her, she had no choice but to run. Jo became a lone wolf and would run as long as she had to because the alternative was far worse -spending an eternity with someone she wasn’t destined to be with.

Laz understood what it meant to have a mate. His mother had warned him that one day the right wolf would enter his life and turn his world upside down, however no warning could have prepared him for the intense moment when he laid eyes on his little wolf – an Alpha just like him.

Welcome to Hollow Grove where things go bump in the night!

My Muted Love by Love Belvin

Never judge a book by its cover, one of the world’s most common clichés. Though sage advice, the age-old aphorism is rarely followed. Take, for instance, Tori McNabb and Ashton Spencer, two subjects who believe by aesthetics alone, they have no reason to breathe the same air. When startling circumstances align on the campus of Blakewood State University, the two have no choice but to look beyond their exteriors.

McNabb is a fighter in life as well as in the ring. She knows what she’s capable of and doesn’t want to be tested. Her only goal is to never return to Millville, New Jersey while simultaneously flying under the radar as a small fish in the big BSU ocean. Spencer, the most popular athlete on campus is well on his way to success as a professional athlete and is confident the stars have aligned in his favor. Being tested by the underdog is one he’d never fail, or so he thinks.

Journey with this unlikely pair inside the pages of their ugly covers.

Our Muted Recklessness by Love Belvin

Okay… Where do we pick up?

Where we left off, of course.

Tori’s afraid, but putting forth her toughest exterior to forge ahead with the mess she’s made. And Ashton? Well, he’s confused and angry.

“You think it’s possible to put the genie back in the fuckin’ bottle now?”

Here he was again, saying cryptic things, using phrases that went over my head. “What more can I say? What do you want me to do?”

It’s his last semester, one that had been planned meticulously by himself and others well before she even knew what a Panther was.

Let’ see if Tori can fight her way out of the quandary she’s created at BSU. Will Ashton’s well-planned future be derailed by the new underdog turned ‘Banger’ on campus?

Our Reckless Hope by Love Belvin

“I believe it was the night before Thanksgiving of the year I’d fallen for a tomboy fighter from a trailer park in South Jersey. I was in your kitchen when you told me cheating is wrong, and will never be right. But the biggest conflict is when you fall in love with someone who isn’t yours.
“You said people fall in and out of love every day, and that most of it is bullshit…being more about passion and temporary emotions. But when the person you’re cheating with is worth a commitment and sacrifice, and when you’re prepared in your heart and mind to walk through the fire of the mess, it might be something real after all. That was and still is KaToria McNabb.”

Fate via her unconceivable success reconnected the unlikely pair. What has happened? Why didn’t he call? Why didn’t she reach out?

Ashton and Tori unravel the paths their lives took after Blakewood State University. It’s been a painful twelve-year journey of losses, betrayal, miscommunications, and death. Even in between the devastation were new lives, burgeoning careers, and millions being earned by them both. Nonetheless, can the wins override the pain in between?

The Rhythm of Blues by Love Belvin

Some believe the old adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Well, in some instances the smoke is just a coverture for secrets. Dark ones.

Ragee is a successful R&B singer, music composer, and actor who shot to fame and celebrity at rocketing speed. He has the voice, the troubled soul, the seductive look, and the alluring mystique, all of which give him the traditional packaging of a soulful rhythm and blues singer. But he also has an unshakable stigma attached to his stardom that won’t seem to go away.

Wynter Blue thought she was taking control of her world the day she up and quit her job. As a social service professional, she was done with helping afflicted adult men to right their paths in life. She was ready to live for her. Finally. She wanted to pursue her dreams and stretch the bounds of her creativity.

Little did she know, the day she walked out of her job was the very one she’d run into the shroud of smoke. His smoke. Awfully familiar with secrets herself, Wynter questions if she can handle Ragee’s darkness while trying to bring him into the light of truth.

The Rhyme of Love by Love Belvin

She hates secrets. He despises gray areas. But his sent her away without answers.

Will Wynter’s rhythm of blues keep her from experiencing the relationship budding between the two? Or will Ragee cleanse himself of the demons and teach her the rhyme of love?

Find out in the spellbinding conclusion of the “Love in Rhythm & Blues” series.

The Left of Love by Love Belvin

She’s from a lakeside suburb, padded by two parents, an overindulgent godmother, and all the amenities of affluence they can provide her. But that’s not enough. Kennedi wants to experience the full benefits of her femininity at the tender age of twenty-one, a task she takes on at college, and one she’s more than determined to fulfill.

He’s an aspiring entertainer from the dark side of the inner city. Survival for Isaak is very much an option he plans to conquer. He has to make it out of his impossible circumstances, and sacrifice is definitely the name of the game, even if it means running the risk of sacrificing one of the most delicate and positively influential bonds he’s ever made.

A social experiment has never been so revealing and frightening for either one of these unassuming individuals. How could two people from the starkest contrast of rearing build an impenetrable bond in just three months? How long will it take for them to dig through their differences to understand those forces that connect them? At what cost will they find harmony to coexist?

The Low of Love by Love Belvin

Things went left when they met, and while they were able to form a bond of sorts, it wasn’t what either of them hoped for. Before this wayward love settles for the straight path, there has to be a low. Right?

The wayward connection of Isaak and Kennedi is now under new terms. This new playing field has them both caught in a whirlwind. They’re outside the classroom and in unfamiliar territory; the semester assignment seems a lifetime ago, and now those cultural differences that separated them aren’t enough to keep them from exploring more with each other and about each other.

But to what expense? What’s sacrificed? What will be revealed? How low can love go before it ceases to exist?

The Right of Love by Love Belvin

“After the hot sex comes the real world.”

“What was that?”

“My therapist once said, ‘after the hot sex comes the real world. Or in wayward love, the drama is sprinkled in between passionate lovemaking’.”

“That sounds more like one of them novels you like to read.”

“No. Ours is too hilly to be a traditional romance story.”

And it is. Journey the conclusion to Love Belvin’s riveting “Wayward Love” series, and see how errant the path to Isaak and Kennedi’s happily ever after is. What is a perfect love story? Does it not include disappointment, betrayal, distractions, guilt, and anger?

Just how much can these two take before they decide the victory of love isn’t worth the pain?

That’s The Way Love Goes by Unique

Career driven and goal oriented is what Suny Daniel is. After studying under the best surgeons in Texas, she’s ready to make a change. That change leads her back to her roots in New Orleans. A mishap with her current boyfriend on New Year’s Eve lands her in bed with the mysterious Kross Stockley.

Kross Stockley is a wild card, one that tends to shy away from relationships and commitments. The moment that he meets Suny, he is immediately drawn to her. He quickly realizes everything that he thought he didn’t want, turns out to be exactly what he needs. But at what cost?

One night of passion leads to a reckless fling where feelings get involved. The two fall hard for each other at an alarming rate. Faced with an ultimatum, Kross has to decide whether to walk away from the life that he has grown accustomed to or let the woman whom he has fallen in love with go. The decision that he makes changes both of their lives.

What happens when their paths cross, yet again, five years later? Will all be forgiven, or are the wounds too deep?

Valentine’s Kiss: A Kiss Family Novel by Kema B.

What happens when two souls are tied to one another, fused by their friendship and destined for a love that neither are ready to explore?

Two best friends will be forced to make tough choices as they navigate their way from the ignorant bliss of youth, into the harsh realities of adulthood that rips them apart.

Things crumble when feelings change, and promises are broken as life pulls them further and further apart. When the time comes for them to put all their cards and feelings on the table, will Valentine Day and Jalen Kiss survive the combustion of Valentine’s Kiss?

An Ounce of Decorum by AshleyNicole

They have to make this deal happen.
Noura’s been nasty to Khalil since she laid eyes on him.
Khalil is bout tired of her sh*t.
Can the two hold onto just an ounce of decorum to close the deal, while trying to keep their hands off of each other?

MM Romance Reads

All Work, Let’s Play by Rosyln Faulk

Devastated after being left at the altar, paralegal Gage Archer feels lonely and unwanted. His breakup opens wounds from his turbulent childhood in the foster care system, exposing abandonment issues and trauma he’s never dealt with. His relationship with his adoptive sister is his lifeline, but he has no other support system. What’s the point of making friends when everyone is going to leave anyway? At least he has a job he loves. He’s the best legal researcher at his firm, and he feels good knowing his hard work is helping people.

When Gage accompanies his boss and a newly hired lawyer out of state for a high-profile case, he isn’t sure how he’s going to survive a month living and working with two jerks. But if he keeps his head down and concentrates on doing the best legal research he can, he knows he can get through it. Except things are never that simple. The case is dredging up parts of Gage’s past he’d rather keep buried. His boss is overbearing on the best of days. And that new coworker? He’s the brother of his ex-fiancé, Joyce, and Gage is pretty sure the guy hates him. Or does he? As the three men work together, emotions run high and they find themselves connecting in ways none of them expected. The life Gage has always longed for is finally within his reach, but he’ll need to find the courage to break out of his shell and choose to make it happen.A close proximity, light enemies-to-lovers, bi-awakening, hurt/comfort, double boss/employee, workplace romance about a lonely legal researcher who unexpectedly finds the loving family he’s always craved with the two domineering attorneys he works for.

Embracing Derek by Nicole Stewart

Owen Henderson’s life is scripted for greatness.

Palatial bachelor’s pad? Check. Record-shattering sales figures on the job? Definitely. Bevy of girlfriends? According to the rumors, yes. And he’s not about to stop the gossip mill from spinning, because his steamy menage a trois relationship with his best friend Derek and their blazing hot girlfriend Adelaide is nobody’s business, and neither is his bisexuality.

But with Owen’s desire to keep them a secret, Derek sees trouble ahead, especially when Owen decides to throw an anniversary party for his parents. What could go wrong? How about Owen’s parents staying with their son instead of a hotel?

Now Owen has to keep up the charade of being single, which only makes his mother more determined than ever to see him paired with the perfect match. It’s Adelaide’s job to plan the anniversary party, but Mrs. Henderson has someone else in mind: Owen’s striking ex- girlfriend Scarlett. Adelaide faces stiff competition.

Derek and Addie worry that Owen’s playboy reputation will tank their relationship, but Owen panics at the idea of his family learning about his sexuality. Can this trio live with the inconvenient lie? Or, will their love go down in flames when the truth comes out?

Other Romance Reads

Soul Ties by Ada Bailey

Julia punched Rajan after he spoke his first words to her. It was a fury-filled punch that knocked him to the ground.

That punch, an apology letter, and two worried mothers brought them together. Forever to be best friends; to care for each other, but never to fall in love with each other.

But who’s better to fall in love with than a loyal best friend?

Through years of loss, grief, and heartbreak, Rajan and Julia have grown to love and trust each other immeasurably. But when their bond is tested by family obligations, religion, and fear; choosing each other leads them to harbor secrets that threaten Julia’s life and Rajan’s legacy.

What to expect in Soul Ties by Ada Bailey

  • Contemporary Romance ✓
  • Best friends to Lovers ✓
  • Humor ✓
  • Bilingual Characters ✓
  • Cross-cultural lovers ✓
  • Family Drama ✓

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