Date Finished: November 26, 2022
Published: August 24, 2022
Pages: N/A

Book Synopsis:

Julia punched Rajan after he spoke his first words to her. It was a fury-filled punch that knocked him to the ground.

That punch, an apology letter, and two worried mothers brought them together. Forever to be best friends; to care for each other, but never to fall in love with each other.

But who’s better to fall in love with than a loyal best friend?

Through years of loss, grief, and heartbreak, Rajan and Julia have grown to love and trust each other immeasurably. But when their bond is tested by family obligations, religion, and fear; choosing each other leads them to harbor secrets that threaten Julia’s life and Rajan’s

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My Review:

I’m writing this review fresh from reading the last page, because I needed to get my thoughts down right away. First things first, THANK YOU to Ada for reaching out to me about this book. She killed her debut release y’all. This was crafted beautifully. We got what we crave in romance stories, but this was so much more than that. The characters made you love them and be disappointed in them simultaneously. But you always rooted for them. And the climax of the story, baby. It left your heart feeling as if it would rip from your chest from beating so hard. I need more, I think as readers we deserve a part 2 with this one.

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