Date Finished: September 5, 2022
Published: July 16, 2022
Pages: 408

Book Synopsis:

“I got her and everything that comes with her. All the good, bad, and crazy, I’ll be taking. Anything she needs, consider it hers and with her in my life, I’ll forever be whole.” — Genesis Washington

Putting herself first is what Jordana Evans knows how to do best. She’s at the top of her game in her career and no longer haunted by memories of her past threatening to steal her joy. In her mind, being in love is a want, not a need and she’s convinced that she’ll be just fine without it. Having intimate relations with the opposite sex is something she’s willing to do for one night only. But then came along… him.

Being the son of a hood legend means absolutely nothing to Genesis Washington. His only priorities are taking care of the two people who have his heart – his sister and his nephew – and running the multimillion dollar company that keeps his pockets fat. Juggling love and business just never made sense to a man like him so he chose the latter. But crossing paths with Jordana Evans suddenly changes everything for him and she becomes the only woman he wants. And he isn’t the type of man who shies away from whatever he desires.

When Jordana and Genesis lay eyes on each other, they’re unable to fight off the feelings that form from their very first encounter. What starts off as a onetime thing quickly turns into an addiction neither of them can get enough of, but the pain of Jordana’s past has her determined to keep their new arrangement strictly between the sheets. Can Genesis truly be the one to ease Jordana’s heavily guarded heart or will family do more damage to Genesis and Jordana before they fully have the chance to prosper?

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My Review:

The spark between Genesis and Jordana was evident from their first interaction. We knew from the jump that as the story unfolded those sparks would fly and fire would burn, in a good way. And with that in mind from chapter one, the rest of their story did not disappoint.

I am the type of reader that thoroughly enjoys witnessing the growth of a couple throughout the journey we’re taken on in a book. We got that in spades with this one. We got to see what started as a situationship blossom into a beautiful love story. While there was some drama that hit the couple,because come on y’all, there has to be something, I appreciate how the author navigated it. It didn’t cause too much derailment for what we knew was supposed to be #EndGame.

Genesis was what we look for in a grown ass man. He was unapologetically outspoken when it came to communicating his wants and intentions, 98% of the time lol. He was a provider, caring, ambitious, and he was down for whatever when it came to those he loved. He gave superb dick. Book bae material without question. Jordana had to grow throughout the story, and while it could be frustrating at times, that’s life. Growing pains are inevitable. However, one thing she did from the jump was open her mouth and ask for what she wanted every time she wanted some of that thang. She wasn’t afraid to be vocal, something a lot of women shy away from unfortunately. She wasn’t afraid to get hers and I was her for it.

And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t touch on this last thing. If you’re familiar with my reviews, then you know I love some attention grabbing side characters. We got those in spades, and if any of them start talking to Miss Jenesequa wanting their story shared with the world, I’m definitely reading all of them. From “the three fathers” to the queen with the pen and little Kai, I’ll take them all.

To wrap this up, I enjoyed this one. I definitely recommend it.

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