Date Read: July 21, 2022
Published: June 22, 2022
Pages: 526

Book Synopsis:

He might destroy her. She could help put him back together.

If it wasn’t for his music, Devin Parks doesn’t know where he’d be. Now he has a shot at a larger audience than he ever dreamed of. All he has to do, is get out of his own way. But when Devin isn’t fighting salacious rumors on entertainment blogs and rival musicians, he’s battling serious demons from his past that threaten to hold him back just as he’s poised to soar.

Harper Bailey has mixed feelings about being assigned to manage the notoriously difficult Devin Parks’ mainstream debut. It’s a career-changing opportunity made much more challenging because she’s fighting demons of her own. Not to mention the persistent pull the former lovers have toward each other. Harper has handled her attraction to the artists before, but Devin is different. The draw isn’t just physical, it’s emotional as well. And getting emotionally involved with someone like him is a non-starter for her career and her heart.

Because if her instincts are correct, he isn’t just ‘difficult’, he’s broken.

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My Review:

Some authors are writers and some are storytellers, and Nia is definitely the latter. While both depictions of an author can draw me in to a good story, there’s a difference in the way the work comes across. With Nia’s stories, she has a skill for finding universal truths that many of us experience and translates them into beautiful cohesive drama. With these characters, I felt like I was experiencing their journey with them; I was experiencing their growth. We see the humanity in our main characters, the good parts as well as the bad. While the story was written to depict how “broken” we as people may be, I took away a story of bruised but not broken. In the words of Miss Joss Stone, ” And I’ll be all right. And I’ll love again. And the wounds will mend. I’m bruised but not broken. And the pain will fade. I’ll get back on my feet. It’s not the end of me. My heart is still open. I’m bruised but not broken.” Definitely a must read.

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