Black Romance Reads

When in rome by te russ

Art conservator Tyson Hamilton is thrilled to get the opportunity of a lifetime in Rome, Italy.

In need of a break, orchestra teacher, Sydney Vaughn responds to an ad in search of a travel nanny for Tyson’s young daughter.

Tyson and Sydney’s attraction for one another is instant, but they both know they shouldn’t give into desire that is rapidly building between the two of them.

But just how long will it take before they stop resisting and give into the temptation of undeniable passion?

the broken by nia forrester

He might destroy her. She could help put him back together.

If it wasn’t for his music, Devin Parks doesn’t know where he’d be. Now he has a shot at a larger audience than he ever dreamed of. All he has to do, is get out of his own way. But when Devin isn’t fighting salacious rumors on entertainment blogs and rival musicians, he’s battling serious demons from his past that threaten to hold him back just as he’s poised to soar.

Harper Bailey has mixed feelings about being assigned to manage the notoriously difficult Devin Parks’ mainstream debut. It’s a career-changing opportunity made much more challenging because she’s fighting demons of her own. Not to mention the persistent pull the former lovers have toward each other. Harper has handled her attraction to the artists before, but Devin is different. The draw isn’t just physical, it’s emotional as well. And getting emotionally involved with someone like him is a non-starter for her career and her heart.

Because if her instincts are correct, he isn’t just ‘difficult’, he’s broken.

love scammed by rilzy adams

It’s the blind date to end all blind dates.
When Monae Alexander turns up to Miami International Airport to meet her best friend, Tempest, for their anti-Valentine’s Day girls’ trip to Turks and Caicos, she realizes she’s been scammed. Tempest is nowhere in sight and soon Monae finds out that the trip was an elaborate scheme to get her to meet Hudson Bradley, a man Tempest had been trying to set Monae up with for months. Hudson has been played too, thinking he was heading overseas for a business trip and not a five-day Valentine’s Day getaway with a woman he’s never met before. It is the Valentine’s Day trip neither Hudson nor Monae asked for, but could it turn out to be just what they need?

they call him nas by k.c. mills

Yonas “Nas” Kadir is a man of few words. He has learned the art of never showing his hand, which is a valued asset for a man who balances his life between dark and light. There’s not much he desires that isn’t as good as promised to him, which is why Dae Richardson can fight the attraction but will ultimately fall for his good looks and undeniable charm, or so he hopes.

Dae Richardson is a self made success story. Her company has paired some of the most exclusive and elite professional around the world, however she can’t seem to find the companionship she longs for to complement her luxurious lifestyle. That is, until Nas Kadir steps into her office and demands to become one of her clients for the weekend, only he doesn’t want anyone from her impressive clientele list, he wants her.

When souls collide there’s not much you can do but buckle down and prepare for the explosion, because there will definitely be fireworks!

along for the ride by mimi grace

This road to love may have a few speed bumps…

Former hot mess Jolene Baxter is committed to doing better. It’s why she offered to help her sister and brother-in-law move across the country. However, her goodwill is tested when last minute changes—mainly her father ditching her for an all-expenses paid vacation—forces her to make the journey with a man who is the human version of a pebble in her shoe. 

Jason Akana operates on lists and bitter coffee, but none of those things will help him on a sixteen-hour trip with the most infuriating woman. Maybe they can get along and forget their heated confrontation five years ago at his best friend’s wedding…when pigs fly. 

But the addition of vehicle problems, an unplanned pit stop in a small town, and chemistry that inconveniently tags along, shifts their perspectives. And once the dust settles after their trip, a tentative friendship emerges. Will these two stubborn people successfully navigate the unexpected feelings that follow close behind? Or will they hit a roadblock before reaching happily ever after?

This novel is a standalone.

Content Notes: Deceased parent Workplace harassment

MM Romance Reads

emery (unexpected book 3)

I know this is wrong, but I can’t help myself when it comes to him.

My mom deserves to be happy after losing my dad to tragedy over a decade ago. But her blissful new relationship comes with a catch.
His name is Emery, my new stepbrother, and he’s the most infuriating, impulsive, chaotic, and strangely intriguing man I’ve ever met.
I’ve managed to avoid him for a year but then on our way to our parents’ cabin, we get lost alone in the snowy mountains of Utah.
That’s when pretenses and boundaries between us start to slip and fall away as we focus on survival. I begin to see the charming and sweet man he is. And maybe all the wild and ridiculous things about him that used to irritate me, are what make him truly perfect.

Emery is a sweet, emotional, and hilariously funny MM romance that features forbidden love, forced proximity, hurt/comfort, and a HEA. It is the third standalone in the Unexpected series.

Getting Sacked by van cole

The College Quarterback And The Bad Boy United Against Their Wills

My senior year takes an unexpected turn with my mom’s remarriage.
A new stepbrother who hates my guts and a new stepdad who becomes our new coach.
To make things worse he hires my stepbrother Dean as his assistant.

I’m playing on unfamiliar territory.
Dean has a tatted and toned figure, with a dark, intimidating gaze.
I can’t tell if I want to prove myself to him or if I want…something more.

I feel a connection between us I can’t ignore.
I think he’s starting to feel it too.
A big part of me wants to find out, and another part is too scared.

I’ll be laying it all out there if I want the answer and there will be consequences.

Getting Sacked is a standalone Gay First Time Football Romance with a HEA and NO cheating!

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