Date Read: June 23, 2022
Published: June 23, 2022
Pages: 271

Book Synopsis:

There’s a lot that can happen in two minutes or less…

Kendall “Snoop” Dogwood has something to prove.

After a devastating ending to his first year with the Houston Skyhawks, getting redemption is the only thing on the veteran quarterback’s mind coming into the new season. But when a picture of him and a woman he barely knows, but wants to get to know, goes viral on social media, it doesn’t take long before Kendall finds himself on a different kind of mission going into year two.

A mission to pursue her.

As a social media influencer and the daughter of a well-known sports bettor, Shakira “Kiki” Knight is used to seeing her face tied to all sorts of internet gossip. What she’s not used to is having an actual crush on whoever she’s rumored to be involved with. But when it comes to Kendall Dogwood, Shakira just can’t seem to contain her attraction, especially once she learns the Skyhawks quarterback is equally interested in her.

Considering the messy way in which her last relationship with an NFL player ended, Kendall is probably the last man Shakira should be checking for. And after Shakira’s sports gambling ties are unveiled, the conflict of interest makes her the woman Kendall should probably be avoiding at all costs. But the instant chemistry between the two of them makes both of those things worth looking past for the sake of being together… until the stakes get higher and there’s more than just a game on the line.

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My Review:

Shout-out to my fave for delivering another banger. I absolutely LOVED the chemistry between Shake and Snoopy. “How you gone make a nickname from a nickname” 😂 They were honestly such a vibe, and have taken a top spot in my favorite couples from Alex. This book made me feel like I was experiencing those early stages of a crush again. And then to witness how much they both held each other down, showed support all the way around, it was beautiful. As a sports fan, it continues to amaze me how well Alex pens the actual sport interactions. This book had me feeling like I was rooting for my Eagles at times and I loved it. The secondary characters gave me life so much life. From Shakira’s (because she’s my homie by this point so I’m not calling her Kiki) friends to Kendall’s (listen, I think he stole my top spot so I’m using the government) teammates, some of them stole scenes with their antics. And shout-out to one of my favorite female book bars Selena making an appearance 🙌🏾. I can’t wait to meet up with the next Skyhawk, from what I can already tell, this next one is going to be messy and I’m here for it lol

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