Date Read: March 15, 2022
Published: February 17, 2022
Pages: 69

Book Synopsis:

Arrogant, know-it-all baseball player Sonny Roswell is back in his hometown after signing a lucrative contract with the city’s new baseball team. After an insulting incident with the local barista, Cherish Mack, Sonny is forced to do the one thing he never does: apologize. Sonny’s quickly caught off guard by the shy, sweet single mother who never steps out of line and whose only focus is her son and school.

After getting closer during a Valentine’s Party, Sonny encourages Cherish to step out of her comfort zone and experience an unforgettable night.

My Review:

If you’re looking for a quick read full of spice, then this is a good one to pick up. While there wasn’t a lot of actual relationship development in this story, in my opinion, I did enjoy the focus on stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself moments to be carefree.

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