Date Read: March 15, 2022
Published: February 14, 2022
Pages: 74

Book Synopsis:

“You’re not just my wife. You’re my better half. Know it and believe it when I tell you I love you, Bugg. True shit, so don’t ever wonder otherwise.” – Ellington Shakur.

February 14, 2017, Ellington Shakur took his wife Eartha out to celebrate her favorite holiday. Not even halfway through the evening, an altercation ensues that changes the course of Ellington and Eartha’s lives forever.

Five years after losing her husband to the system, Eartha Shakur is having a tough time basking in heartwarming feelings everyone around her is experiencing from Cupid’s arrow. When a confrontation at work leads to Eartha quitting her job, the Ohio native has to stop running from herself and embrace the possibility that maybe happily ever after wasn’t meant for her.

Ellington, however, has other ideas for the woman who makes his heart whole. Even behind bars, Ell plans to make this Valentine’s Day one that Eartha will never forget in hopes that she still believes in their happily ever after.

For five years, that’s all Preach Carbine has thought about. Knowing the weight of his last name, the meticulous man has always been strategic with his moves and as a member of a notorious street family, the arms dealer is known for meditating one minute and cutting out tongues the next. Nonetheless, with Preach knocking on thirty, he is ready to set aside family traditions and put his dreams in motion. On the flip, a tainted arrangement triggers the high-powered man to turn his scope to the people he loves and a woman he can’t seem to shake.

It’s been said that seeing is believing. What happens when one’s vision is blurred and the only thing you can trust is what you feel?

My Review:

Y’all know those moments as black folks where we come across something and our response is “dang, we all really lived the same life”? Consistently sprinkled throughout this short read, I had those moments and they were a cultural treat. I enjoyed the pieces of me and my loved ones I saw in this story. And to top it off, we were given Ellington Tyree Shakur. A man whose love knew no limits. He was a treat all by himself. There were a few things, well really one aspect of the story in general, that caused me to give a side eye. However, it was a personal preference thing and I never hold my opinions of that nature against the story or the author. Sorry not sorry,no spoilers from me lol. I’m definitely down for a book discussion with those who’ve read this gem. So grab your copy and get to reading! This was a good one.

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