From The Hood With Love

Despite her unsavory upbringing, Loriana Simms vows not to let the fast, gritty lifestyle of the hood dismantle her innocence. With dreams of leaving what she calls home behind, Loriana’s plans are abruptly placed on hold. While her circumstances have, in some measure, matured the bashful teen, they have also left her in an immense amount of distress. No longer meek to the world around her, Loriana comes into her own as a woman and finds herself caught up in the likes of the young hoodlum, Projex.

With a known reputation in the hood for his insolent way with words, outlandish behavior, cold pen game, and disgustingly handsome good looks, Bryshon ‘Projex’ Emery snatches Loriana’s unprepared heart. Stuck in his grind as a true hustler, Projex has hardly any time on his hands for a companion. Though the moment he crosses paths with Loriana, Projex jokingly pledges to change her last name. When one wrong decision ends deadly, Loriana is pressured to choose between the life she once knew and the one her heart belonged to.

The hood has caused an extra layer to thicken around their hearts, making it seemingly impossible to peel. Love didn’t seem to be in the equation for either of them. Will his addiction to the fast life cause their pretentious relationship and lives to fold before it can bloom? Or will the two take heed and remember where they came from?

From The Hood With Love 2

Dismayed at what she now has to consider her life, Loriana tries her best to balance it all. The unforeseen death of her mother has her suffocating in grief, feeling as if she’s lost it all. While struggling internally, she smiles on the outside to save face. That’s until she can no longer keep up her façade.

When she least expects it, the breath of fresh air she was desperately gasping for is given. On a rollercoaster with her emotions, wondering how her first love became her first heartbreak, she finds herself. Those good days she prayed to God for had finally came around. Blossoming into a young woman, Loriana steps into adulthood with a vengeance. Coming after everything her heart desires, including new love, she holds nothing back.

While Projex never thought the fast life he lived would catch up to him, it does and in the worst way. Figuring he can conquer it all, he bites off more than he can chew and finds himself in a jam. Just when things begin to look up, life reminds them that this wasn’t a fairytale. This was real life…from the hood. You either sank or swim.

From The Hood With Love 3

While Loriana thought she’d made progress on discerning the people in her life, nothing prepared her for the untimely news she’s hit with. People show their true colors, forcing her to cut someone off. She finds herself in a whirlwind of emotions trying to make amends with the man she loves most, as Projex shuts down all advances between them. But only for so long with Loriana’s persistent efforts to win him back.

Trying his best to remember how far he’s come, Projex makes a decision that’ll indeed cause drama between his family and in his life. Never having been the one to take his L’s in stride, Projex gives Loriana a taste of the person she met years ago. It was clear the love they shared hadn’t wavered, but her loyalty had. In his eyes, there was no coming back from what’d she’d done, and Projex made it very clear where their relationship stood.

The balance this group of young adults struggles to find makes their lessons learned much more worth it. Not everyone is meant to stick around in your life, but how could they not when they were destined to be there? In this finale, Projex and Loriana’s hearts are tested beyond what they could imagine. Their love is one the hood raved about and missed. But could they withstand all the turmoil that came along with it?

Christmas In The Projexs (From The Hood With Love Book 4)

May the hood never change us. Only mold us. Act as a guide to navigate us to exactly where we’re supposed to be in life. In love.

To the places we’ve called home, friends we gathered on the way and cherished some enough to become family. Head bows to the real ones we’ve lost. Not everyone makes it out, but you can make it.

Those L’s really meant lessons. We’ve learned them. Loved through them. Leveled up from them. Gained an understanding of them.

To the hood… thank you, with love.
Merry Christmas!

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