Date Read: February 7, 2022
Published: January 25, 2021
Pages: 182

Book Synopsis:

“Worried about it, I’m putting pressure. You’ll only cut me if I let you. No, we ain’t doing this just for pleasure. Either learn me or I’m a lesson.” — H.E.R

That’s the hierarchy of Finley Thomas’ life. The loc-haired, stenographer was raised by a proud gold digger and against her delight, she inherited mischievous qualities from her mother. After receiving a devastating prognosis, the twenty-eight-year-old finds herself wrapped in a double-life and overly preparing for a day that may never come. Amid her downward spiral, Finley’s small circle is cracked, giving outsiders the chance to snatch her from her comfort. Mounted in the crosshairs of a fraudulent deal, Finley finds herself confronted with her secrets and forced to move her ears from her pockets to her heart or end up in the dark alone.

For five years, that’s all Preach Carbine has thought about. Knowing the weight of his last name, the meticulous man has always been strategic with his moves and as a member of a notorious street family, the arms dealer is known for meditating one minute and cutting out tongues the next. Nonetheless, with Preach knocking on thirty, he is ready to set aside family traditions and put his dreams in motion. On the flip, a tainted arrangement triggers the high-powered man to turn his scope to the people he loves and a woman he can’t seem to shake.

It’s been said that seeing is believing. What happens when one’s vision is blurred and the only thing you can trust is what you feel?

My Review:

First things first, THE COVER!!! Popping. Now for the story, Tucora did that and then some with this one! When reading the opening pages of this book I never imagined how this story would unfold. A hustler’s mentality is unique because we never know what drives them to do what they do. In this story, we get two. Finely’s story had a lot to unfold, and her layers were presented fabulously. Preach was the epitome of an ambitious passionate thug and he loved hard. I love how their lives intertwined right under their noses, yet they had no idea the other existed. But once they were in each other’s orbit, neither of them could shake the other. In the afterword, the author leaves this message, “In 2021, we explored love through languages. This go around, I wanted to dive into the senses. For Finley and Preach, I’d like to think they caught feelings through the realm of touch.” This was evident throughout the pages and she did a phenomenal job ensuring that the reader could grasp the concept she was exploring.

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