Date Read: September 30, 2021
Published: July 1, 2021
Pages: 244

Book Synopsis:

Gray Jordan, former Chargers quarterback and franchise player, learned a lot of tough lessons throughout his career. However, the worst of all was that no amount of money and fame can protect your heart. After a very public scandal, he quietly walked away from the one thing he loved the most: football.

Skylar Addison is one of the best sports attorneys in the city, so when the firm she worked for “reallocated” her out of a job, she felt as if the rug had been snatched from up under her. Finding out that her ex had her terminated after she decided that she no longer wanted to be in a relationship, only made matters worse.

After a pity party at a local bar and grill, Skylar found herself falling for the type of man she swore she would never think twice about, because after years of cleaning up their careless mistakes, Skylar knew with certainty that pro-athletes and their philandering ways were a fast track to a broken heart.

Unfortunately, sometimes the universe has its own agenda and tests your resolve. There was no resisting Gray Jordan, and Skylar finds herself fighting a losing battle by trying to deny her heart. Gray has his hands full with a woman that proves to be his greatest challenge as of yet, but they both have to get out of their heads in order to prevent missing out on a good thing.

*This is a Standalone novel*

My Review:

More often than not, I find myself reading books that fit this imaginary template for the storyline. It was refreshing to flip the pages of this book and discover that this wasn’t that. Despite some grammar mistakes mentioned in the other reviews, it was easy to get pass them to enjoy the story. I love how the relationship between the main characters was developed. Even more, the relationships each of them had with their siblings was admirable. It stole the story for me at times. We got a different side to the pro athlete than a lot of folks like to depict them. He was about his business and knew what he wanted. And I love a boss chick, we definitely got that with this one. Skylar had moments where she had me looking at her sideways though. However, the sports professional in me loved her hustle and ambition. I love the setup we received for book 2, but I love that we weren’t left with a cliff hanger on the train to getting book 2. Can’t wait to see what’s next with this bunch.

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