Date Read: April 19, 2021
Published: April 6, 2021
Pages: 369

Book Synopsis:

Time doesn’t heal all wounds . . .At 19 years old, Trace Gryffon, has suffered irreparable damage. Hardened by unresolved trauma caused by greed and disloyalty, Trace decided long ago he can’t get hurt if he doesn’t let anybody in. That goes for everybody- including his family.Trace was in hell, but he wasn’t the only one suffering. His older brother, Tyus Gryffon, faced some deep rooted issues of his own…. an unexpected meeting occurs when Messiah fears for a strangers life and takes a chance on saving it along with her roommate Luvly.Four different paths, all fighting an addiction- the need to feel real love. After being hurt and tending to old wounds that never got a chance to heal, will love be the antidote for the pain?

My Review:

This wasn’t a book I would typically read, but it came across my radar and I decided to give both the book and the author a shot. The story was unpredictable. I’ll give it that. The author did an awesome job with the details she provided throughout the story. Each stone that was uncovered left you even more invested.

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