Date Read: March 20, 2021
Published: August 17, 2020
Pages: 128

Book Synopsis:

Eva Waters has spent years being a kept woman. Money, cars, and options is the life she knows but no longer wants — especially when it comes with loose hands, black eyes, and a heavy heart. When her sister, Elise, moves away under witness protection, she envisions her own escape from a world she deems her prison. Despite being a new mother, she takes the leap, but will it be easy to fall into the arms of the man waiting to catch her?Pianist and tattoo artist, Hezekiah Moses, is immensely talented. He’s also a lover. Thoughtful, intuitive, and sincere, he can’t help but grow even more infatuated with Eva when she comes to town seeking refuge for her weary heart. Respectfully giving her space to recover, Hezekiah holds back. Yet, when her pain becomes his, lines must be drawn and every card played.Can Eva stand on her own two feet? Will Hezekiah’s savior complex leave him jolted once again? Or will they both discover the difference between being saved and finally being free?*Please note: This is a spinoff. These characters were originally introduced in Strumming My Pain. SMP does not have to be read first, but it will give you a foundational glimpse into their lives.*

My Review:

Shout-out to mama and daddy Moses, because they did their thing when they raised their sons. Hezekiah every ounce of love, loyalty, and patience personified. The way he stepped in and showered Eva and Saint with his unwavering love and affection was beyond beautiful. And it was so great to see Eva open up herself to allow love in. I loved the importance the author placed on highlighting that as a mother, you can’t allow yourself to lose sight of you. And that the balance of making sure that you as a woman is satisfied in other aspects of her life will make things that much grounded on the mothering side. And I enjoyed that we got to see more from Izeah and Elise. This whole family was a win for me.

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