Date Read: March 13, 2021
Published: March 11, 2021
Pages: 87

Book Synopsis:

This wasn’t what “keep your friends close” was supposed to mean. But now that the line has been crossed, can they ever make their way back to the twenty-year friendship they’ve been building?Or, better question – Is that what either of them really wants?

My Review:

Shout-out to CCJ for dropping this gem on her birthday. I love friends to lovers romance, to me it’s one of the most beautiful relationships out there. CCJ did her thing. Trace was everything. He was clear with his intentions, he knew how to open his mouth to communicate, and he accepted nothing less from Des. And he knew how to lay the pipe, so yeah there was that 😏 I was all here for it. I respected how Des hesitantly approached what was becoming their new reality, because it showed how much she cherished their already strong bond. I think what I loved the most, and it’s probably not something that will get the most praise, is the relationship shown between a godmother and their godchild. My Godmom is beyond special to me. She doesn’t treat me much different than the children she birthed, and she’s there at the drop of a hat if I need her. I loved seeing that depicted in this story. Oh! And the co-parenting was beautiful! I love seeing how parents can be friends and do the damn thing by their children even when they aren’t together. I see that every day with my own, so it was a treat to see with this story. Obviously I enjoyed this read. We got a lot packed into a small package, but we weren’t left hanging in anyway.

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