Date Read: February 23, 2021
Published: February 5, 2021
Pages: 181

Book Synopsis:

Trauma left her captivating, sweet soul flawed, distressed, disconnected, and shattered. Savvy and effortlessly beautiful, Syncere James concealed her heartache, finding security and refuge in her career as a successful real estate agent. Refusing to lose control, Syncere dictates and schedules every aspect of her life, including her relationships with men. The pretty princess never desired the love of a prince, then she met a King.Wealthy construction company owner, King Cartwright, could have the heart of any woman in Haven Point, but he only has eyes for the gorgeous and complicated Syncere James. Navigating her complex layers, will his persistence and protection win her love? Or are Syncere’s unreasonable barriers and immeasurable pain too much for King to make her his queen?**Sensitive Material

My Review:

I cried, laughed, felt joy and celebrated with these characters throughout the entire story. Syncere and King were two beautiful souls independently, but together, they were love personified. They, more so Sincere, took me on quite the emotional roller coaster. However, given what she worked through, it was to be expected. I love the way King loved her, unconditionally, at their own pace. Even more so, I absolutely loved the relationship Syncere had with her family. The Prima’s gave me so much life. As a person who didn’t grow up with siblings, but instead grew up surrounded by cousins, I appreciated their relationship. I enjoyed this read from the first page to the last and I would absolutely read anything this author puts in front of me. Looking forward to reading more of her work.

2 responses to “Book Review: Pretty Shattered Soul by Robbi Renee”

  1. V Rena Miller Avatar
    V Rena Miller

    I agree with your review. I related to Syncere on a lot of level. This story gives you hope and that the person that God created for you can and will love you past the pain. I enjoyed the relationship between the Primas and G-ma as well.

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