Date Read: February 18, 2021
Published: January 28, 2021
Pages: 94

Book Synopsis:

For better or worse…That was the promise Denver and Kensa made, but it’s a sentiment they’ve somehow lost along the way. What started as a passionate wildfire has diminished to a flicker, all but snuffed out by unspoken fears, perceived betrayal, and a complete breakdown in communication.Can either of them tuck their ego away long enough to rekindle their flame?

My Review:

I never read the synopsis on a CCJ book, because she’s definitely an author that I know will deliver quality work no matter how short or long the story may be. This time was no different. This story rang true on so many levels why a relationship is NOTHING WITHOUT COMMUNICATION. I loved every page of this book. And once I realized what was going down, I was elated to root for this couple. The lack of length in the story had no negative effects on how damn hot it was. Denver could get it and Kensa knew she was that chick. Couldn’t let the review go by without throwing out that tidbit. 😂

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