Date Read: February 7, 2021
Published: February 9, 2021
Pages: 214

Book Synopsis:

Her feet are firmly rooted. His head’s in the clouds. But, that’s all about to change.When faced with spending another holiday season alone at the children’s table, Danna Menard jumps at the opportunity to travel for work over the Christmas holiday. Despite the objections of her loving, but meddling family she heads to Las Vegas for a Christmas that will change her life.A chance meeting with the man of her dreams not only sets Danna on a sexy adventure; it reshapes her and leaves the pragmatic planner questioning whether she can trust her own mind.Cayman Drew is “America’s gentlemen” and no stranger to love. He embodies the sentiment and is not afraid to dive in. His fearless approach and string of past lovers make him not only a household name, but a cautionary tale. In a world where everyone wants a piece of him, how does he know who to trust or when it’s the real deal?When the high strung interior designer meets the enigmatic R&B superstar sparks fly, leaving them both grasping for the brakes. But the undeniable pull between them will not be denied, no matter how many external (and internal) forces try.

My Review:

I will admit, it took a while for me to fall for this book. Not because the writing was bad, it wasn’t that at all. And not because I wasn’t enjoying the storyline, I wouldn’t have kept reading otherwise. But I didn’t have that warm fuzzy feeling I usually get when I’m introduced to the concept of the main characters being a thing. That part when we’re supposed to root for them from the jump. I guess the chemistry just wasn’t there for me. But then it was, and I was happy to finally feel the warm fuzzies I’m used to. I was elated to root for the couple. Both Danna and Cay had their moments that brought out different emotions in me, both good and bad. But I’ll let y’all read about it yourselves. I don’t do spoilers. I both loved and side eyed Danna’s family throughout this book. They were great supporting characters to the couple throughout the story. But overall, I enjoyed this. I’d definitely read more from this author.

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