Date Read: January 31, 2021
Published: November 19, 2020
Pages: 176

Book Synopsis:

Nia Badi is THAT girl! Except……she doesn’t feel like it lately. On the night before her 21st birthday, this award winning music video director, thriving entrepreneur, and girlfriend to one of most influential rappers of her generation, feels anything but celebratory. Indeed she’s fortunate to live at the intersections of love and luxury. However, the ramifications of a jarring event have Nia questioning if she’s truly happy with where she is in both her career, and her “couple-goals” relationship.As she ventures down this new path, will her relationship survive her 21st Birthday?At just 25, Boyden “Bizzy Boy” Miller is living every rap mogul’s dream. Money, stardom, and astronomical success. With chart dominating influence, and a sold-out iconic world tour, what more could he want? Simple: his Nia. During his longest tour of their relationship, she’s been nothing but encouraging, yet he can feel her getting antsy. But when an unorthodox demon from his past rears its toxic head, jeopardizing both his mental health, and cosmic connection to the love of his life, Boyden is forced to reassess his plans.Will Boyden confront his past in order to be the man he needs for both himself and his Nia?

My Review:

The promotions I found on instagram from the author drew me in. Before I ever saw the title or blurb, I knew I wanted to read this book. I loved the depiction of the fun, cute, confident, voluptuous, BOSS-CHICK that was Nia Badi. And as I read the book, I was not disappointed. Not only was the leading lady a fictional work of art, but so was her leading man. We all deserve someone like Boyden, someone who takes the time learn our love language and loves us so unconditionally and authentically. I love black love, and this young couple was a great shining example of what it can look like.

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