Book Review: In Love’s Name By A. Marie Johnson

Date Read: January 11, 2021
Published: April 19, 2020
Pages: 78

Book Synopsis:

Oftentimes anything can go when Love’s name is involved. For Leighanna and Janero what should’ve remained as a feud between neighbors quickly spirals into a mutual attraction they both find hard to deny, and when Leighanna finds herself needing a place to stay for three months Janero surprisingly becomes her safety net. Given their close proximity it doesn’t take much for their once deniable attraction to turn into unavoidable true feelings. Before it’s all said and done, both of them find themselves willing to do things they swore they’d never do in the name of love.

My Review:

This was my first read by this author and I’m glad I gave this read a chance. It was a quick read.  I liked the dynamic between the main characters, I just wish there was a little more build up to them becoming a thing. However, they were cute. Their relationship still felt authentic. I loved how comfortable they felt being themselves but together. Nero’s confidence and the way he stepped up to help Leighanna without hesitation was super sexy. And him and his friends were hilarious. I also loved how Leighanna kept negative energy out of her life, even if it was her mother.

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