Book Review: The List By Sevyn

Date Read: January 11, 2021
Published: December 25, 2020
Pages: 38

Book Synopsis:

“Men are trash and they loved to beg for your time just to waste it.”

After finding out her recent ex is engaged Noelle Price vows to never let a man waste her time again. But on a drunken Christmas Eve night her best friend convinces her to write a Christmas list of her perfect man. In walks Nico Drake , tall, dark, handsome, and determined to turn her world upside down. He could see her and she could feel him. Together they take a sensual journey down the road to love. Will they be able to overcome their personal trauma to make it to the finish line?

My Review:

This was short and sweet. Something you could read on your lunch break. The author gave us just enough background info about both main characters to care about them as individuals as much as we cared about their coupling. However, I wish there was a little bit more of a buildup to their relationship. Some more dates, more of the get to know you type of situations. My biggest takeaway from the story was to speak positive things into your life. This was the author’s first novel and I’m looking forward to seeing how she progresses in her writing. This was a good debut though.

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