(ARC) Book Review: The Not-Outcast By Tijan

Date Read: November 29, 2020
Published: December 1, 2020
Pages: 420

Book Synopsis:

Cutler Ryder was everything I wasn’t.

He was the hockey star. I was an outcast.
He was best friends with my stepbrother, that same stepbrother who hated me.
His two parents loved him. My mom was a junkie. My dad barely knew me.

Years passed.
I got my life together.
Cut went onto NHL stardom.

Then there was a text.
I was drinking.
There was a party.
Cut was there…

I loved Cutler Ryder since the first moment I saw him.
The only problem? He never knew I existed.

My Review:

I expected this to be a sports romance, heavy on the sports. And while the concept was definitely there, this book was so much more. You never know what to expect from Tijan, and if you attempt to go into a read with certain outcomes in your head, you’re usually wrong. I was wrong and I was happy to be.

This was just different for me and I think it was intended to be. When I started the book, I was so confused! But as I looked back on the beginning after completing the book, I knew Tijan did that purposefully. It was an insight to what was to come. The main characters were real; so relatable for many people out there. Did I see myself 100% in one of the characters, not this time. But there was one main thing that stood out that I absolutely felt. Cheyenne wanted to feel loved and she wanted people to stay for her. She wasn’t perfect, and she didn’t try to be. She just wanted to be normal. The thing that we all strive to be in some way, shape, or form.

Cheyenne was special, unique, brave beyond words, and the definition of strong. She will stick with me for a while.

Cutler. Cut. He was one of the most understanding, kind, and sensitive male leads that I have come across in quite a while. He earned his spot next to Mason in my Tijan Book bae’s list.

She did it again and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of The Not-Outcast

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