Book Review: On Us By Nina

Date Read: November 2, 2020
Published: May 31, 2020
Pages: 263

Book Synopsis:

Avery went against everything to be with Ky. Her sister Ivy, who she loved more than anyone in the world and Vant who had taken care of her like she was his own blood, told her for years Ky was no good. Their relationship didn’t start ideally, but the love she had for him began long before they became public to the world. What was once a fairytale turned into a nightmare, and Avery felt like it was karma. She didn’t have any business being with Ky then, and the torment she had been put through showed they weren’t meant to be together presently.

Lake Porter, a man who dedicated his life to taking care of his brothers and living by his father’s word, finally catches up to the feelings he tried so hard to fight. Love wasn’t in the cards for him, and he had come to terms with that until a prissy, sometimes crazy, vibrant woman, shows him that he isn’t so cold and his heart did pump. She isn’t fazed by his mean persona and deadly dark eyes. Lake out of his comfort zone, and in the presence of a woman so alluring with energy so contagious, finds himself at the end of a bullet from the love gun. He quickly finds out that being with the woman of his choosing comes with baggage that he doesn’t mind carrying. But will Lake be able to break her from the curse that is his sworn enemy?

My Review:

My favorite parts of this story weren’t the romantic ties between characters, surprising since I love romance. My favorite aspects were the bonds between the sibling groups. I didn’t grow up with siblings, so it’s always a treat for me to see such great dynamics in the books I read. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy a few of the romantic relationships that were highlighted. Morally, there were some storylines I couldn’t get down with it, but that’s personal preferences. There were some bright spots that you couldn’t help but smile at. For instance, it was nice seeing Lake coming out of his shell and opening up, and I loved the way Vant protected the girls. However for Lake to have been the leading male character, I don’t think we got a lot out of his story.

While the story was good, I feel like there were a lot dragged out parts and smaller storylines were made to be more highlighted than necessary. Those instances took away from the overall product rather than add to it. There were many times I wanted to stop reading, because the story started off slow. It eventually picked up, which was great, but by that time the story was coming to an end. Overall, I still think this was a good book.

This was only the second book I can see published by this author and she has a lot of potential. The vision is there, however, she still needs to grow a bit for better end products.

It may not have been 100% there for me, but it may be for you. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

2 responses to “Book Review: On Us By Nina”

  1. Martha Avatar

    Have you read the other two books in the series? The finale was well done.


    1. Brown Girl Book Geek Avatar

      I haven’t. The first one didn’t really leave me with the desire to read the rest of the series.


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