Book Review: One Last Shot (Nymphs & Trojans Series Book 2) By Alexandra Warren

Date Read: July 27, 2019
Published: July 24, 2019
Pages: 280

Book Synopsis:

As a professional basketball player, Selena “Sharpshooter” Samuels seemingly has everything going in her favor. Playing for her hometown, playoff-bound team, the Nashville Nymphs. Playing under a knowledgeable coach who she adores. Playing for a franchise that’s well respected and family-owned. But the potential dynasty she’s trying to build comes under threat when a new assistant coach is hired; an assistant coach who she may or may not have had a huge crush on growing up.

DeAndre “Dre” Leonard hasn’t had it easy. After being banned from the league as a player for violating the drug policy, his world came crashing down. But now he’s back and ready to rebuild his reputation, starting with a coaching opportunity with the sister team of his beloved Trojans that includes one of the best women’s players in the game; and arguably the finest woman he’s ever seen.

Selena and Dre both want the same thing; to have a successful season. But as they spend more time together chasing a championship, that shared goal slowly begins to change from a title… to each other.


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My Review:

I love a good sports romance, it’s a favorite of mine. From beginning to end, this story kept me captivated. The relationship development between the main characters was something we all hope for, someone that’s your best friend and your lover. I loved the vulnerability and sensitivity that we got from Dre. The drive and determination that we got from Selena was something to be admired.

I would recommend this book to readers for the story-line itself, however I can’t conclude this review without giving kudos to the work Alexandra put in outside of simply creating this fictional world. I respect the hell out of the research Alex did on the WNBA and it’s players. She shined a huge light on some of the issues they face and she did it in a dope way. If you never paid attention to women’s basketball before picking this book up, I’m sure Alex piqued your interest enough to make you want to check out a WNBA game. Make sure to check this out. If you love Sports Romance, it won’t disappoint.

Sidenote: Go Sparks! 💜💛

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