Book Review: RESISTANCE, a love story By Nia Forrester

Date Read: July 21, 2020
Published: June 24, 2020
Pages: 88

Book Synopsis:

Kai is an accidental activist, drawn to protest only because the alternative—to not protest—feels unimaginable in a turbulent time like this. And Lila is a longtime social justice warrior. At least in theory. Trying to find their footing and independent voices in the middle of a new movement, they just might find something else—a new love.

My Review:

First and foremost, Rest in Peace George Floyd. Nia did an amazing job of capturing the mixed emotions many of us felt as we absorbed the news and witnessed the video of George Floyd’s murder. This book was delivered right on time with the social climate of today. From the peaceful protest to the riots, the characters in the book display the difference in reactions we all had during the height of unrest. The depth and emotions we felt from the characters was real, it was like looking in mirror.

When I read the synopsis, I had no idea how Nia was going to convince us that Lila and Kai could develop a romantic connection in a setting such as a protest. When you hear stories of how couples meet, you wouldn’t expect for them to say “Oh, we met marching in the streets during the protest”, but she did it. The relationship that developed between Lila and Kai during such a small window of time was refreshing. Their “get to know you” conversations went beyond the surface level information we give out when first meeting someone. Nia gave us insight into an aspect of interracial relationships and biracial children that I personally have never thought about.

To wrap things up, this story and the writing were more than great. The story was short, but those eighty-eight pages were powerful. There’s no way, as a reader, you don’t take something from the words Nia delivered.

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